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  1. So after a while of not RPing MxM, I'm guess I'm going to start up a search for it. One thing I am what some people call a 'seke' but that doesn't mean I like being the one in charge throughout the whole RP. Sometimes it's fun to let my partner take control. So if you strictly the submissive and shy one, I'm not the partner for you. I'm sorry and this isn't up for argument. The bold is what I want to do the most. The pairings with the 'looking for' next to it means I don't wish to play that role but if it's not marked, I'm okay with being any character.

    Steve x Tony- looking for Steve
    Clint x Tony
    Bruce x Clint
    Tony x Pietro x Clint - Looking for Clint
    Steve x Tony x Thor - looking for Thor
    Loki x Tony - Looking for Loki
    Fury x Tony
    Howard x Steve

    Dean x Castiel
    Sam x Lucifer
    Sam x Gabriel
    Dean x Castiel x Sam
    Sam x Castiel x Lucifer
    Crowley x Demon! Dean -
    looking for Dean
    Castiel x Demon! Dean
    Crowley x Bobby
    - looking for Bobby

    Young! Charles x Pietro
    Charles x Erik (( Bases around days of future past))- looking for Erik

    Non- Fandoms:
    Vampire x Newly changed vampire
    Merman x Sailor
    King x Knight
    Werewolf x Recently bite Werewolf
    Wild party guy x Anti-social guy
    Cosplayer x Cosplayer (( I have an idea for this.))
  2. I like the vampire x newly bitten vamp idea
  3. Alright, awesome! Can you send me a PM?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.