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  1. I have gotten back in the mood for rping and with it I was hoping to get a few new rps going since some of mine have died. I will say this beforehand. My replies may very. They can be quick or slow depending on many factors. I can roleplay many different genre's and stories so if you want to ask me about a story or pairing you can always ask me via PM or down below. I don't bite. Unless you want that. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Sorry for any typos as well.

    Pairings (open)

    Teacher x Student
    Teacher x Teacher
    Student x Student
    Supernatural x Supernatural
    Supernatural x Human
    Boss x Employee
    Boss x Employee's son
    Boss' son x Employee
    Boss' son x Employee's son
    Guard x Prisoner
    Prisoner x Prisoner
    Experienced cop x rookie
    Rich guy x Poor guy
    Crazy guy x Victim
    Druggy x Good guy
    Hunter x Prey
    Hunter x Rival
    Predator x Prey
    Prince x Prince
    King x King
    King x Prince
    King x Peasant
    Prince x Peasant
    King x Knight
    Prince x Knight
    Knight x Comrade
    Alien x Human
    Mage x Human/supernatural/mage
    Farmer x Farmhand
    Spy x Rival
    Spy x Friend
    Dad x Son
    Brother x Brother
    Uncle x Nephew
    Best friend x Best friend
    Best friend x Best friend's dad/brother/uncle/cousin/nephew/son
    (These were off the top of my head and there are likely more I'd do. This should give you a generalization of what I'll do. Pairings can also be mixed. Ex. Supernatural King x Human Prince. Or King x Son)

    Plots (open)

    Character A is known to be a rebel. He is in a band that is slowly growing more and more famous in the city. Character B is the guy people see doing good things in the future. One night at a party Character A is playing and Character B is intrigued by him. They are complete opposites but yet he see's something in the other. They talk some at the part and Character B starts to attend more of the bands shows and Character A notices. So one night he talks to Character B to see what the deal is. A confession is made making him laugh. The two are incompatible and he knows it but he tries to date Character B. (Basically a more slice of life rp. I was thinking it be a toxic relationship at first for them and Character B starts to go down hill, drugs, drinking, ect. I was also thinking this would be set in a college themed rp. We can always add some ideas or take some away.)

    Arranged Marriage
    Character A just finished high school. One night his parents invite a man over, Character B, for dinner. They suggest the two become friends or more. Character A is confused but his parents insist. The two go on a date a few days later and hit it off well. After a few dates it finally slips that the two had an arranged marriage since Character A's birth. He gets upset and begins to question Character B and the relationship gets rocky. (Another slice of life. Character B is in his early to mid twenties. I also had an idea that they both be werewolves and the reason for the arranged marriage can be something with their tribes. If not I figured the parents were in dept and owed Character B's parents money so instead they give their first born to them via marriage. We can brainstorm some ideas.)

    I have a wide range of kinks. So my no goes are: Vore, extreme gore, scat, full crossdressing (i am fine with some, like thongs, panties basically underwear really).

    If interested comment below or PM me. Also I am in the mood for verse/switch but you can always ask me about top/seme and bottom/uke.

    If you have any plots you want to run by me feel free to tell me about them. I will be adding more periodically.
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  2. I really like your space plot and I'd like to be the son if that's okay :)
  3. Omg snowxsnow lol, poor Sarah. What's gonna happen to her.

    Anyway you're mated plot idea sounds cool.

    I was also thinking about a teacherxstudent thing
    -I would be student

    I can play bottom or verse, but not full top.
  4. Changed the post. Listed pairings and will have plots up soon. (In a day or so)
  5. The Suzuki business is a prominent business in Japanese society, but rumors of it going bankrupt hit news lines. Was this true. Quite true to be in fact. The Suzuki heir is doing anything in his power to save his father's company. To save it he seeks help from a rival company. Upon a meeting with a rival company the Suzuki heir catches the eye of the son of the rival company. The next day a year contract is sent to save the company. Really? How could this happen? They have done nothing to talk of a contract. A message is sent to the Suzuki heir to to meet the son of the rival son at 7pm. When the Suzuki heir meets the son of the rival company, the son of the rival company proposes an idea. To save the Suzuki company he would have to give himself as a slave/maid to the son of the rival company or face bankruptcy of his company.

    Idea yes or no?
    Also i play submissive and I would like to play Suzuki Heir.
  6. I like the idea. I don't mind being dominant and playing the rival. Mind sending me a PM? We can discuss further there.
  7. ~Added some plots~
  8. Ow I would be very interested in doing either one of the plots :P Could you send me a PM? If you are still looking that is