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  1. A few new plots from me.

    -no one liners, 3-5 paragraphs
    -I only play the bottom/ submissive roles

    Android x Human- each living peacefully with the other, but one android lacks that which makes all androids blend in with people. He mets a man who tries to teach him all that makes humans human.

    Faerie x Faerie- The forest is going to be torn down to be made into a city, the Fae are split amongst themselves. One half wants to fight back while the other half wants to move to another forest. Our two faeries are on opposite halves and must work to bring their clans back together, while also falling in love with each other.

    Assassin x Target- A legendary assassin with skills no man or beast can fight against is given a target. He goes to complete his mission but is stopped by something in the targets eyes. Now faced with the dilemma of keeping the target alive while facing his uppers and the whole assassin society, they must run to survive.

    Prince x King- A prince from a crumbling kingdom succeeds the throne and is faced with war that can kill all his people. A king from a far off rich and prosperous kingdom offers the prince a means to an end, but what will the cost of their arrangement be?

    All of these plots are pretty bare and need some touching up. I'd like to build them up bigger and work on settings. I'm also open to any ideas of your own. ^.^
  2. I really like the faerie x faerie idea!
  3. Alright, shoot me a pm and we'll talk
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.