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  1. Because I am a glutton for punishment, I am opening up a search thread for some MxM rp pairings.

    What I am looking for in a partner?
    - please post AT LEAST 2 paragraphs. I will lose interest with less. I have tried and it just doesn't work for me. I can post more than 2 paragraphs and I do encourage my partners to try and do more, though the minimum will be 2.
    - please watch spelling and grammar. If I have to decode what it says in my head, again I will lose interest. Does this mean you need to spell check everything six times and be a grammar queen, no. Just...if it looks like a 7 year old wrote it, try not to do that ;)
    - talk to me ooc. I'm nice, I swear it. I like making friends out of my rp partners. I love to do headcanons, whether they make it to the actual rp or not doesn't really matter. I just think its fun~
    - i refuse to rp through rape or any non-consexual sex scenes. Coercion can be disgussed through, but it is not likely. Rape can be in the characters history, I just don't want to physically write it out.

    On to the rps~
    1. Porn star x director.
    2. teacher x student (teacher is the sub/bottom)
    3. stalker/admirer x stalked
    4. Painter x nude model
    5. Popular x squishy 'loser' x 'loser' bff triangle
    6. centaur x human caretaker
    7. aromantic human x neko
    Pm me or just comment here if you're interested.
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