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  1. Hi everyone! I've recently picked up a MxM roleplay and I'm craving more! Look below for rules and pairing ideas. :3

    A few rules!
    - For posting length I'll ask for 3+ paragraphs per post on average - shorter ones here and there won't kill me though ;)
    - Third person, past tense only, please!
    - I have a crazy work schedule, so posts Tuesday-Saturday will probably only be once a day or so, but much quicker on Sundays and Mondays.
    - I prefer PMs, just helps me to keep all of my roleplays tidy :D
    - As the title says, only really looking for MxM at the moment. I've got several MxF going and I'm just not up for FxF xD
    - Right now I really want more porn than plot xD GIMME SOME SMUTTY GOODNESS!

    What I like! <3
    Bondage | Domination | Rough Sex | Dark Themes | Angst

    What I don't like! D:
    Potty stuff | M-preg | Mutilation | Furries | Futas

    No current plot bunnies D: Let me know yours!!

    Rival gang member x rival gang member
    Model x model
    Boss x employee
    Popular boy x outcast boy
    Vampire x human
    Let me know if you have any particular pairing craving :D
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  2. I'd love to do the rival gang members one :)
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  3. This interests me. :D

    Popular boy x outcast boy
    Rival gang member x rival gang member
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  4. Sweet! Shoot me a PM and we can talk more :D
  5. Let's do the popular x outcast :D PM me and we can plan it out :3
  6. I'd be interested in doing a model x model pairing if you are still looking for partners?
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  7. Awesome! PM me and we can talk about it ^^
  8. Still looking :3
  9. Cookies to anyone interested! ^^
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