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  1. Hello Iwaku role-players, Tsubasa is starving for some romantic and smexy MxM RP = yaoi!!!

    If your interest is the same as mine, please continue to read on...; however, if by any chance, this is not your cup of tea, I do apologize.

    Ok, next -->
    • My name is Tsubasa
    • I'm a flexible person. I can adapt to almost any type of rp, though there are few exceptions, e.g. medieval times, horror, fantasy...
    • As for fantasy, I'll go as far as doing something like vampirexhuman, vampirexhunter. Basically, it's the type of rp that doesn't involve magical powers and such. I'm so sorry but my imagination doesn't go that far.
    • I can post 1-2 times a day, sometimes more, depending on how fast the rp progresses. My post length is somewhere between 2-5 paragraphs, again depending on the rp, it can be more or less.
    • I am open to any idea/suggestion you guys may have and willing to give it a try.
    • If there's a rp/idea you've been wanting to do, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm more than happy to join you.
    • I usually play dominant but there are some pairings that I'd like to play the submissive role (italicized below)
    • Teacher (tutor) x student
    • Best friend x best friend
    • Manager x idol / singer / actor / model
    • Celebrity x celebrity
    • Editor x author
    • Cameraman x model
    • Yakuza boss / businessman x private detective / salary man
    • Chef x apprentice
    • Vampire x hunter
    • Vampire x human
    • Cousin x cousin --> this is as far as I'll go for incest if anyone is interested
    • ... open to suggestions
    • Kyou kara maou
    • Sex pistols
    • Junjou romantica
    • Sekaiichi hatsukoi
    • The tyrant falls in love
    • Kuroko no basuke
    • Prince of tennis
    • Free!
    • Reborn
    • D-gray man (in modern setting)
    • Pandora hearts
    • Okane ga nai
    * Can be OCxOC or canonxOC or canonxcanon

    If any of these strikes your interest, please comment right below this post or PM me for faster reply. Thank you!

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