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  1. Hello! I'm searching for a decent partner to role play with. I've got a lot of ideas, and it's been awhile since I've used this website to role play but it seems like this is one of the only ones still active! I've been role playing for around 7 years, I'm 21 years old and I require any of my partners to be over the age of 18 please! My preference of role play when it comes to pairings is MxM. So that being said, again I've got a lot of ideas but let's get through some general stuff first!

    (Apologies on no fancy formatting or colors or fonts. I'm using my phone at the moment and am crunched for time!)


    * Romance rps are my thing! I like having two main designated characters that will eventually through the course of events in the rp fall in love. But I like to have an overlaying plot usually, if that makes sense?

    * Please be able to produce at least one strong paragraph! I love really getting into the minds and emotions of characters and ask that my partner does the same. It just makes things much more interesting on both our ends.
    * No one liners please! If you can't think of a way to respond at all, by all means just tell me and we can fix that! Talking out certain things and basic plots of roleplays help keep things running smoothly.

    * In addition to the above, if you get bored with a role play please just let me know and we can either drop it or attempt to work something out. I don't like when my partners just vanish without saying anything, and I'm sure none of you like that as well.

    * Like I stated before I'm 21 and I prefer my partner to be above 18. I enjoy mature themes in my roleplays. Some of those themes can get really dark, and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable!

    * Since I prefer doing MxM roleplays, I've run into a lot of repetitive problems. The big one being who is the "Dom" and who is the "Sub" character. If the plot demands that one character absolutely be the set dominant person in that relationship I am completely fine with it! In fact it can be very fun! But when it doesn't call for that I like both characters to be switches, meaning both are basically equals in the relationship, sexually being included.

    * The reason I bring up the previous is because I find often that when someone plays a male "submissive" character they make them incredibly weak and very very girly. No problem with girly men here! But when it's done a certain way to a character that's supposed to be strong willed and butt heads with the opposing character it gets really annoying. No Mary Sues please!!

    * Violence, gore, angst, cheesy romance, sexual themes, fluff, devolved plots, and more are constant themes of my roleplays. Fair warning! When everything is sunshine and rainbows things get boring!

    * As far as characters go, give them lots of personality! I don't mean they have to be bouncing off the walls, but if your character is a stick in the mud things will go downhill fast. Just make them responsive, and if they aren't, deviate why they are the way they are and how they feel in there head. If that makes sense?

    * I'm not a fan of character sheets but if that's your thing I don't mind filling one out!

    * Please be able to post at least once or twice a week! I know we are all busy- I will be too with college and my job, but once or twice a week would be lovely! Bonus points for once or twice a day!

    Now that that's out of the way here's some ideas! Some I have plots for already, but if you don't like the plot but enjoy the pairing idea feel free to suggest your own plot for me!

    Demon posing as a priest x Troubled citizen
    Priest x demon
    OR just
    Demon x human

    (Here's a few ideas)

    Demon x priests son

    Plot: Takes place around the 16 or 1700's, in an little village nestled in the mountains. A new face arrives at the village one night and seeks shelter from a storm. The place of residence is the local priest, who lives in a small house a path down from the church. The priest, upon the mans arrival, gets an odd vibe from him (keeping in mind this was around the time that people were terrified of things they couldn't understand, black magic and such) and tries to send him off. The priest son, however, takes pity on the drenched man and against his fathers wishes ushers him inside. The priest is still skeptical but allows it since his son seems so eager to help. Turns out the mysterious man is a traveler, and decides to stay in the village for awhile, intending to repay the priests son back for his kindness by educating him in the places he's visited around the world. The sons enthralled, completely taken with this strangers charisma and intelligence and the two become more or less inseparable. However, ever since his arrival strange things have been happening in the village. People have disappeared without a trace, crops have been dying, and general superstitions have been arising left and right. The priest has his suspicions on the cause, as do many of the villagers, but his son seems oblivious.

    Demon posing as a priest (or posing as a therapist!) x troubled human

    Plot: This can either be modern or take place in a similar time as the previous idea, or just whenever you'd prefer! Troubled by reoccurring nightmares, a man seeks out help from a well known priest (or therapist if we go that route). The priest/therapist welcomes him in and hears out his troubles, asking the man several questions about his life choices, claiming that he's going down a dark path that will lead his soul/mind to corruption and assures him he went to the right place. However, the process of cleansing ones soul/mind of such dark energy is a very long, grueling and painful task. The man must agree to do everything the priest/therapist tells him to do or the process won't work. Desperate for help- and for some good sleep after having these nightmares constantly for months, the man agrees. Little does he know that the priest/therapist that claims to be helping him just happens to be a demon in disguise, and the one in charge of the nightmares and dark thoughts plaguing the human. Tricking the human into thinking the things he has him do are good, and soul cleansing, the demon has him perform various steps of a ritual which will eventually bind the humans soul to him, making him his cult follower and worshiper forever.

    Those are two demon ideas I have, but I'm up for basically anything involving a demon and a human.

    What Exactly Are "Benefits"?

    Ex x Ex

    Plot: The characters are previous lovers, having dated for around 2 years but after some arguing and fighting they split. Character 1 is kind of an asshole. He's full of himself, makes a ton of money from his job, is incredibly popular from said job, likes to attend an assortment of parties both fancy and not, and basically feels the world revolves around him. He doesn't regret things, is always right, is condescending as fuck and he damn well knows he's an ass hole. Yet somehow, for two years he'd managed to really get along with Character 2. Character 2 is much different. He enjoys simpler things and comes from a much humbler background. C2, while being kind of quiet and keeping to himself a lot, is not someone you can just walk all over. He gives his opinion on things and he gives it loudly! It was one of the things that attracted C1 in the first place, being that they could butt heads a lot without either backing down from there standing on the topic. Where the two met and there occupations can be discussed later, though I've got some ideas already. So the two were dating for awhile but being with someone as full of themselves as C1 and someone as stubborn as C2 it was bound to end sooner than later. Now around 2 years later, the two meet again in a very unfortunate circumstance. A business meeting out of town brings C2 to the same city as C1 and the two happen to run into each other at a bar while C2 is scoping out the city. C2- having had one to many drinks and being angered immediately by the others presence- starts a yelling match which somehow- inevitably- ends up with the two waking up in bed together the next morning at C1s house. C2 is furious though it was kind of his fault anyways, and vows it'll never happen again. C1 however has other plans, and proposes that yes, they hate each other and emotional feelings won't ever rise between them again, but both of them know how good there bed chemistry is. So perhaps they could just be not friends with benefits? C2 refuses, naturally, but perhaps some second thinking will bring him to C1s doorstep anyways.

    (I prefer to play character 2 in this)

    Soulmate Mark centered roleplays!

    This is where people are born with marks on there body that represent who there soulmate is!

    Here's some pairings

    King x normal person
    Boss x worker
    Student x teacher
    Student x student
    Or just whatever really.

    Mental patient x Doctor

    This will take place back when asylums were really really awful places, and the people there are tortured and ridiculed. Lots of dark themes in this one, also nothing in this rp is intended to offend anyone!
    I had planned on this rp to involve an underage romance. If that makes you uncomfortable let me know and we can definitely change the age! It was just what I originally thought of.

    My idea is about a boy, around 12 who is sent to an asylum after attempting to murder his sibling. His parents had always thought something was off with him and never quite treated him right. He was born without the ability to feel pain, for one thing, and sometimes when he'd talk it was like he was a completely different person, and claim someone else was with him talking to him. Not to mention his obsession with dead things! They send him to an asylum which houses one of the best doctors of the time, known for curing things people thought were impossible, all being conditions of the brain. But the doctors methods were far from practical, and while he had a lot of successes he had a lot of deaths as well due to careless testing. He was rather wreck less, but it wasn't like someone would stop him if he wanted to use a patient as a test subject. But this boy that was sent to him, this fascinating boy with the ability to withstand the worst of pain was so intriguing to him. They actually had a lot more in common than one would think, and instead of trying to cure or convince the other he was crazy, the two form an odd friendship/romance.

    Serial killer x detective

    My basic idea was that the detective is hired to solve a serial killer case. His boyfriend is really encouraging and always has been of his job, and asks to assist him in it. The two work together to figure out who the killer is, but it seems like they never get any closer to figuring it out. Turns out the detectives boyfriend is the serial killer! A not so original plot!

    Another idea involved a sort of cat and mouse game. A sort of forbidden love where the detective and serial killer have been playing this game for so long they basically know everything about each other. The detective can't let him get away forever, but the secret meetings they have almost makes the body count worth it. Another not so original plot!

    I'm up for other ideas for it!


    Burlesque dancer (stripper OR brothel worker.) x journalist

    A young aspiring journalist is told for his first assignment- and chance to actually stay in the business- he must compose an original story- an original investigation- report on something that nobody in the media really writes or focuses on. Give the people something new! Something new? Well there just happens to be a new dancer at the night club he frequents that is pretty amazing at his job. Dancers and strippers- prostitutes- all of theme viewed in such bad lighting. So what if he were to interview said dancer and see what life for them is really like. Bring a good light to these people. After all it takes incredible talent and skill to dance like that. Just because the setting is bad doesn't mean the people are! It also helps that the guy is pretty attractive too. Now if he could just get that interview!

    (Fairly light hearted. But if the character is a prostitute instead this rp will deal with much heavier themes.)


    Mafia boss x normal person

    The other characters profession can be decided for plot! This will be a 1920's rp though I'm not asking for historical accuracy! Just really been wanting to do a mafia rp!


    Omegaverse rp

    As in:

    Alpha x Omega

    If you don't know what omegaverse is please look it up, there are tons of great descriptions though everybody has there own specific set of rules for the verse!
    In omegaverse males that are omegas can conceive children.

    One idea involves a short sparking romance between an attractive Alpha and an omega who still hasn't found a mate. A one night stand is the result, and neither felt they'd ever regret it. The two went separate ways, but a few months later the omega finds out he's pregnant. Three years pass. A knock on the door one night alerts the omega and when he answers, he's greeted with none other than the alpha himself. The alpha he'd tried to find contact with again after finding out he was pregnant. The alpha who seemed to disappear from the face of the earth. The alpha who decided that after three years, and having wandered back into this town he'd meet with an old friend for another night of fun. He's full of his old charm but the omega won't fall for it this time, and once the alpha finds out about the child sleeping in the other room his whole world is changed. Desperately wanting to make things right with the omega he tries his best to spend time with them, to get to know them and to make up for lost time. If only the omega wasn't so stubborn!


    Another idea would be

    Alpha king x omega
    In which marriages are arranged and a family sells off there unwanted male omega child to gain money from the kingdom!
    I'm up for pretty much any idea involving omegaverse.

    Other pairings!

    -Pirate x captain

    -Art student x nude model

    -Spy x Target

    -Model x paid intern lackey

    If anything sounds appealing please PM me!

    Thank you!
  2. Some of the Priest X Demon hooks seem right up my alley.
    I'll send you a PM if you want to discuss details further, and if you want to get going on a One on One thread. :)
  3. If you don't mind I would love to do either the demon and priests son, or either of the omegaverse plots. Either I can pm you or you me, either way I do not mind.
  4. I'm very new here, so I hope I'm doing this right but the mental patient x doctor roleplay sounds incredibly intriguing and right up my alley as I really enjoy writing emotionally heavy roleplay.
    I'm up for discussing the details further, so shoot me a PM if you are interested! :)
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