MxM Rp idea! (RL. Active. SUB NEEDED)

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  1. My character:

    Your character:

    I don't have much plot, I just enjoy winging it (and having fluffy slice-of-life along with drama).

    My character is a young detective, the complete opposite of your sweet and pleasant character - and the couple are married. He just jumps into dangerous situations, investigating murders and other crimes. Of course, he doesn't think about the people he'd leave behind if he dies. We really just have fun and make up plot as we go along!

    Active rpers please :)

    Pm me or post here if interested xxxx
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  2. ~ Still looking.
  3. Hey i would be interested if your still looking?
  4. Sure! :) pm me?
  5. I'd be interested if you're looking for another partner!
  6. Ah, sounds super fun! Only if you're looking for more partners, of course.
  7. Sure, for both of you! Pm me please? :)
  8. ~ still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.