MxM Romance RP. (Sub needed. Active.)

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  1. My dominant character is being sent to prison (I haven't decided what for exactly, though perhaps it's drug related).

    However, in this society, it's perfectly acceptable for my character to bring his 'pets' along with him for company - your character. Preferably, I'd like you to play 2 characters as I can't imagine him just having one pet. He treats them very well and he has feelings for them which may or may not be obvious. It might just be mindless fluff, haha

    We could also make this alpha/omega if you'd like.

    Pm me or post here if interested :)
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  2. Yay! Pm me?
  3. If you're still looking, I'll take up on the offer? c:
  4. Sure! ^^ PM me?
  5. {Still looking - Love to do ideas more than once :) }
  6. (Still open)
  7. I'd be interested if you are still looking!
  8. Great! Pm me?