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  1. I'm trying here too since I had no luck in the libertine forum and I'm impatient.


    Hey! For once I actually have a plot. But read my "rules or whatever" first. I'm a bit picky about who I write with. Looking for someone active, and adults only!!​

    Rules or whatever (open)

    I'm looking for something quick and easy. If you want long, detailed posts, this isn't for you. You should be able to reply daily, several times. I have a lot of free time and really want to fill it up with some more roleplays - especially now that I just lost my two most active partners.
    • Adults only. Preferably 20+. Get lost if you are lying about being an adult, or breaking any site rules.

    • I never just disappear. Please don't do the same. If you get busy, let me know. If you have to drop out, just say so. However, if you lose interest, it would be nice if we at least tried to fix it first.

    • I usually write around 400 words, sometimes more and sometimes less. Honestly not that into long descriptions and all that–at least not in every post–, but prefer to focus on the dialog, plot and character development.

    • Want to write with someone where we can talk about and build on the plot together. Passive partners aren't fun. Plus it's fun to talk OOC. I'm a cool person, I promise.

    • I'll be snooping on your other roleplays to check your writing style and see if we match. If you don't have any public ones, pm me a writing example.

    • I live in Europe. Nice if our online time match! :)

    • Prefer plot over smut. I like using photos for CS. I only write in threads.

    Idea and plot (open)

    Warning: I suck at explaining things.

    My character is a guy in the middle of his twenties. He's a motorcyclist, doing motorcross and working at a show doing crazy motorcycle stunts. His dream is to do stunts in movies. He's confident, outgoing, energetic, kind, adventures, out of the closet.

    Was thinking the plot could start with romance. He meets guy (your character), falls in love, relationship starts. Don't have any preference on how that goes, if there are struggles and drama, as long as it ends with an relationship. Also don't have any preferences on how this guy is, except that he's not doing motor sports or interested in motor cycles and all that.

    Part two of the plot is MC's dream coming through - he gets a job at a movie to do stunts. But it ends badly. I'm not going into details here, but one of the stunts ends badly and he wakes up in the hospital, missing a leg. Then there is struggles with recovering, getting over the shock, and the hollywood trying to screw him over.

    Please PM me if you're interested, it's easier to talk it over then :)​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.