MxM Romance Novel

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  1. So I have Some Ideas for a Romance novel based around two males, yes I know some of you may not be interested in a gay romance but I am and Would like to see it come to fruition. Mostly they are your usual hero saves the week bull shit which most people dislike, but I've added my own personal twists to these as well as a couple darker layers So if Your interested in hearing more Just let me know and We can chat things out KK Thanks ^_^
  2. That seems interesting. I would be interested.
  3. Ok so my first idea will start out a little cruel at first but just role with me for a second . . . ______ Is the only openly gay kid in school and came out freshmen year, and sense then everyone has ridiculed him and picked on him for being gay. But senior year, he get's paired up with one of the schools locally gang affiliated Kids, Alejandro Fuentes in there chemistry class. Alejandro is obviously to start out with not to happy to be paired with the only gay kid in the school. At first he decides to teaz him for being gay by Acting like he might actually like Him, but over the course of the next few days he actually grows to like the kid.

    Most of the story will be them coming to terms with Alejandro being in a gang obviously _____ wanting him out of the gang and the other will be Alejandro protecting _____ from being bullied in school and coming to terms with himself finding out he's gay. What do you think?
  4. That actually seems kinda fun to rp with. I also think I have a character for it as well.
  5. I would be interested in this as well :) I could do up a character within the next day or two.
  6. I wouldn't mind hearing what you got, and maybe jump in on it.
  7. intrested