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  1. Hello everyone. I've been active in Iwaku for over a year, have been a member for longer than that, and I've been a roleplayer for about 8 years. I'm looking for roleplays that will make me LOVE it, so hopefully I'll find partners who I click with.

    What I can offer:

    -Right now I prefer to write from an 'elementary' to 'intermediate' level. I want feelings, action, and character development, without having to worry about the length of my posts.
    -Regarding romance, I want to do MxM pairings, and would like it to go into libertine territory. It's been a long time since I last had a roleplay with smut in it, and I find it fun, so I'd like to get back to that.
    -I'm versatile, and I can go from romantic and fluffy to something darker and more violent.
    -I love fantasy, whether it is a completely fantastic setting, or supernatural elements in a modern setting.
    -If for whatever reason I can't reply, I'll tell you about it.
    -I can play either switch characters like in normal relationships, or go by the dom/sub or seme/uke thing, I'm fine with both.

    What I want in my partner:

    -I'm very social, so if you want to chat about the roleplay itself or geek about other things, I'm totally up for it! n.n
    -Active. Since I'm not looking for long posts, someone who can reply daily would be ideal.
    -While I included 'elementary' as a possible writing level, there are things I can't overlook: read my posts, and don't control my characters, thank you.
    -PM me if you're interested!
    Edit: I feel the need to add this since it's happened a lot of times. I want to feel that you're actually interested. If I reply to you saying I'd like to roleplay with you, and you reply with something along the lines of 'ok', 'yea', 'too long didn't read', I'll assume you're not interested and won't insist.

    Now onto ideas, cravings, and stuff like that. What I'm craving really hard is in red:

    -Dom/sub thing: Most of the time I'm stuck with being the dominant part of the relationship. I'd love to play the submissive side for once. This time I'm not open to playing dominant characters. It's either switch, or I get to be the submissive side of the relationship.

    -Non-healthy relationships: scenarios where either character abuses the other, or is unhealthily obsessed with the other, is a stalker, etc. I'd like to play either part of this relationship.

    -Love triangle: either character A is in love with B, and B is in love with C, but C is in love with A. Or there are two characters in love with one who can't decide between the other two. Or a character is trapped in an awful relationship with one, falls in love with the other, but can't leave due to fear of consequences and punishment. I can play two characters of this triangle while you play only one, but I'd like one of my characters to be the one in trouble, unable to choose between the two either out of love or out of fear of leaving his current relationship.

    -Ménage à trois: three characters again, but they are a happy couple of three. Or end up being a happy couple of three, and the roleplay is about getting them to be that way.

    -Characters I like using: I LOVE vampires with passion, but not when the other part is a regular human. I have a gentle little alien character I'd like to use. I love mages, sorcerers and that kind of thing as well. For some time I've wanted to try something with magical girls/boys, as I like that kind of cutesy stuff too. I love dragons, my dragon characters always are able to turn into a human form, for easier interaction.

    -Smut is fun for me and it's been a long time since I last had a roleplay including smut, so I'd like the opportunity to get back to it again.

    -Very open about fetishes to include in the roleplay: bestiality? vore? blood play? non-consensual? I've done them and I'm willing to do them again. For anything other, ask about it. Just leave bathroom-related stuff out of it, and pedophilia because that's awful and not even allowed in Iwaku.
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  2. Still looking n.n
  3. I'm always available and usually post 5 times a week. Not always daily but still often :)
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  4. Still looking, and I added an important piece of information. n.n
  5. Are these the only plots you are looking for? Or are there some others you have in mind?
  6. These aren't plots, they're things I'd like to see in my roleplays. I don't suggest plots because my usual style is brainstorming with my partner until we come up with something. n.n
  7. Oh ok :3 we could possibly think of something then :O I currently don't have a lot of ideas though.
  8. Well I'm looking for cooperative partners. If you are interested in roleplaying with me, send me a message and we can start talking, but it has to be retroactive. I want cooperative partners, not to perform an interrogation on them, you see.
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