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What I'm looking for
  • Must be 18+ (as I intend for many plots to take a NSFW direction)
  • Must be interested in one of the ships/pairings listed below
  • Somewhere in between intermediate and advanced
About me
  • I will write in first or third person
  • Private or public (though I strongly prefer messages)
  • Italics indicate which character I want to play.

Plot Ideas

Pre-Thor AU: Odin falls into unexpected Odin sleep prior to the time he is to name his successor and Frigga is left to make the decision. She declares both her sons be crowned king and that they will work together. As they have had a drastic decline in contact over the years it leads to more contact, confessions come out and apologies are made.

Post Avengers AU 1: Instead of being confined to a jail cell he is instead magically bound to Thor. Loki is very difficult and makes things difficult for Thor despite Thor's attempts to reconnect and help his wayward brother. His frustration comes out in other ways, Loki pretends to hate these advances but secretly loves them and provokes Thor.(mostly smut and some dub con)

Post Avengers 2: Wanting answers about why Loki did what he did on Midgard Thor visits him in jail to question him. Loki gives no answers and Thor becomes angry and aggressive. (Short rp mostly mature content)

Jotun AU 1: Loki was never taken by Odin and left in the temple. He raised as a Jotun, however Laufey had a plan to bring peace between the realms and since Loki could shape shift (and was quite small) he was raised as a girl. Closer to Thor's coronation Loki is sent to seduce him and become his bride. (Some gender identity crisis in this plot)

Jotun AU 2: Arranged marriage between Thor and Jotun princess Loki. Similar to above but Loki attempts to ignore his groom as he has negative ideas about Asgardians. Thor is determined to get Loki to love him as they were once childhood friends.

1- Instead of allowing the frost giants into Asgard Loki simply chooses to leave Asgard and come to Earth. He sneaks in through a crack in the worlds during the celebration of Thor's coronation so none of them know where he went. S.H.I.E.L.D discovers him and interrogates him but they find out nothing and are forced to release him. Loki bides his time learning about Earth and enjoying how differently he is treated there. He still plans to take over Earth and S.H.I.E.L.D is suspicious, but has no actual evidence so Stark is sent to god-sit periodically.

2- Instead of Thor getting banished to Earth it's Loki, who winds up meeting Tony and the billionaire takes him in out of pity.


Black Butler
Plot 1: Pairing: SebastianXCiel (AU plot)

Title: Only the Grandest Revenge Will Do In this plot Sebastian is the human and Ciel is the demon. Sebastian carries the position Ciel does in the anime but is far less clean. Regulating and participating in the illicit activities more then putting an end to them. Someone slips up and Sebastian is betrayed by Claude. He is sent to jail after being striped of his title and is thoroughly tortured regularly for more information. He refuses to give this information as he dreams and plots of an elaborate revenge. Finally he summons Ciel to escape prison.

Plot 2: Pairing: SebastianXCiel
Title: The Game. In this plot Ciel comes to notice his butler had an interest in him beyond just his soul. The demon has taken an interest in him in more than one way. Deciding it would boring to just order Sebastian to tell him Ciel decides to create a game where he attempts to gain a confession. Along the way he understands the game and plays along to entertain his master.

Plot 3: Pairing: SebastianXClaude

Title: A Mutual History Once upon a time the two weren't at odds with each other. In fact they worked together extensively. What happened to cause the events that transpired in season 2? How did things change over the centuries? How have they changed?

Plot 4: Pairing: SebastianXClaude (Hannah can be brought in as well)
Title: Sating A Need Demons have many needs they must fill regularly, these are all of a sinful nature. Blood lust, hunger and of course sex. Only a demon can truly pleasure another demon. Whenever possible the two find themselves satisfying this needs together. This involves frequent rendezvous at either estate and sneaking off. Is it just sating their sexual desires or something more?



1). Before Oak Doors Cecil has a little surprise to tell Carlos, if he can ever get the chance to

2). High school AU where Carlos comes to a boarding school of paranormal children.

Please state which plot you're interested in when replying to this thread or messaging me.

Message me with any other OC plots.
Thank you ^_^


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