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  1. Plot 1:

    There is rumor of a living doll. One day YC hears about the rumors as searches it up online. Turns out at again it's being sold. Many say the doll is possessed. Others say it holds the soul of a dead person inside. The actual truth is a bit more strange. The doll was created with a soul of its own. The doll comes to life depending on the owners love. The moment the owner loves it, he can become human, or rather look it. He can grow or shrink as he wants, and can turn back to a doll. But the moment the owner stops loving it, which usually happens immediately following the discovery of the doll alive, he returns to a doll and can no longer change. Well your character is a doll collecter. The moment he sees the doll online he knows he has to have him. So he buys him. What happens when he finds out he is alive? That is up to you.
    (This is loosely based off of a manga I read.)

    Plot 2: mc, a 17 year old man, has a knack for getting in trouble. His mother doesn't care for him and neither does anyone else. Mc mother remarried to a man she just met in Vegas. She sends him to live in her home with her son, but doesn't tell him she has a son. She herself goes on a two month long business trip. What will happen between a rebellious son who yearns for love but never expects to get it and his new stepfather?

    Plot 3:
    I man, who happens to be a sadist, comes home one day from work to find an escaped inmate (YC) hiding in his home. Yc is more rough and a bit cruel, though only externally. Occasionally he shows his softer side as the twos relationship emotionally grows closer. What happens between the two is still up for grabs.

    I'm open to anymore plots others may have in mind. Like the title says I'm searching for a dominant.
  2. ones interested?
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  4. Still looking. Anyone?
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