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  1. So, I am in need of more rps! I would love a partner active on the weekends and in the afternoons, but any time is fine with me. The first word/words is the preferred genre, the second part is the pairing/plot, and the third part is whether I want to be seme/uke or dom/sub. I would prefer to be the character listed in all caps. If none is listed, I am fine playing either character. I love long, detailed posts, so no one-liners need apply.

    2) Realistic Fantasy | HUMAN x Vampire | uke

    5) Cyberpunk | Hacker x Hacker | uke

    7)Slice of Life | A student (MY CHARACTER) who failed to commit suicide was saved by a classmate who found him. As the school freaks out about it, my character makes it appear as if hebis okay when your character (the student who found him) knows different. | uke

    MC] is a PHOENIX and happens to be very rare in the world today. Hunters are constantly after him and he's gotten pretty good at avoiding them. However, one got a little too close and MC found himself injured and alone in the woods with night fast approaching, thus cold weather. That's where [YC] finds him. [YC] is another hunter, but after seeing MC hurt and scared, decides not to kill him or turn him in for money. Instead [YC] saves MC, helps patch him up, and then plans to let him go. However, MC refuses to leave. He now has a debt to settle. | uke

    Slice-of-life | Brother x brother | either

    DRAGON AGE | Anders or mHawke x FENRIS | uke


    High Fantasy | Assassin x Civilian | either

    Slice-of-Life | MC works as an escort so basically he gets paid to go on dates with women that basically want to use him as a trophy to show off to all their friends or business partners. He is not required to sleep with them however it does supply him with an excellent chance to get laid when he wants. However he is thrown a curve ball when the company tells him that he is going to be going out on a date with another man(YC). MC feels quite uncomfortable by the situation but he is a professional so he goes through with it. Shockingly he has a good night enjoying the date but things get awkward again. MC is not required to sleep with YC but kissing is completely acceptable and as part of MC job he is required to make sure that he is convincing that they are a couple. | uke

    Slice-of-life | Stripper x Gang Boss | uke

    Alternate/dark fantasy | MC is a new father. His son's mother died in childbirth, leaving him to care for an infant all by himself, as hybrids like his son are considered highly taboo, and are generally killed by the reigning Church. Now on the run, struggling to feed his son, he is caught sleeping in a barn by YC, a fellow runaway/traveler/mercenary sent to capture him and his son. For whatever reason, YC decides that MC and his son don't deserve to die, and chooses to get them to the country's border and out of the Church's reach. | Uke or switch

    Historical Fantasy | The grand country of Leonasi is going through an economic boon. The assembly line has become popular, as well as factories and other forms of industrialization. In faraway countries, where corrupt monarchs and cruel dictators rule, stories of Leonasi spread, and soon an ELVEN PIRATE TURNED SAILOR has arrived at Leonasi's primary port, bringing spices and luxuries as well as the first elven immigrants into the country. As he was the captain of the ship and a somewhat prominent figure in the elven country of Veri, he is invited to meet the King of Leonasi, where he becomes acquainted with the prince (YC). Eventually, as they begin to spend more time together, the captain finds himself falling for the prince, even while his ownking calls him back and the prince is forced to marry. | Either

    I really would love to do an rp based off of the webcomic Knite. I would rather use OCs, and since it has a simple premise, I think that if you don't know much about it I can fill you in and go from there!

    All of these ideas are from my post in the 18+ section, so if you want we can do that too
  2. hey, so i'm kinda interested, but if we did any of these I'd prefer it to be mature, would you be cool with this? I'd go for either the human vamp or the slice of life students idea.
  3. The student one interests me most. And I do have a thread of this in the 18+ section. Do you have any questions about the plot?
  4. Just wondering what your character would be like, what you'd prefer my character be like, where you see the plot going and approx ages? Also, how frequent you'd like posts, what your general post lengths are. I'm a stickler for details XD
  5. My character would be rather gothic, your character can be whatever you want. I don't know where I want the plot to go, and I would prefer that our characters be around sixteenish. I try to post at least once a day, but if I get busy one day, it can create a backlog. I post anywhere from a paragraph to ten paragraphs, depending upon my partner's post length and how much inspiration I am given. Anything else?
  6. nope, I'm totally cool with this XD Alright, so would we be making this a mature rp? like, putting it in the mature section just in case? You can start if you want, i'm about to head to bed but i'll reply when i wake up
  7. Alrighty! I'll try to get it up after I take a shower ^^
  8. Woo! Lets get this party started!
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