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  1. Things to know about me

    - 19 years old

    - Matureity is key

    - Be fun to RP with, give me ideas off mine

    - Be able to post a pharagrah or more !!

    - I'm NOT looking for perfect writers

    Wolf and Lion

    Plot : Your wolf (or shiter) has been in Africa on a trip when you get a drink at a watering hole and get yourself in the jaws of a crocdile only to have a lion run to your aide and save you. The lion tends to your wounds and helps you get better, you are loner, now you might have yourself a family a weird family learning how to live with others. Learning that some of the nicest people are the most different.

    Demon and Human

    I shall be th demon

    Son of Lucifer wishes not to fallow his father's footsteps so he runs away to earth and locks hellsgate. Searching for smething that could use his magic ability of Healing (something very strange for demons) and he finds himself a young homeless teenager and makes him into his very own illusion of a house....only to falling for him later on through a adventure with all forms of dangers and fun adventures.

    Creature and Human

    The Creature is my Character

    The creature has been locked away, well not locked away but he is a experment of the government. your character is a fellow scientist that is working on him. Only for one day for the creature to awaken and the world you know as it about to change forever. As the creature breaks free killing all those who stand before, but unable to kill yours he takes you a lomg for a crazy ride into a world of unknown myths and legends.

    Werewolf and Counts son

    My Character , The Werewolf named Bane

    The werewolf is named Bane and he is son of the great Werewolf Army alpha named Nazel. Nazel is the leader of count Dracyla'sarmy and when hunters attack the wolf pack, the counts family hearing and races there to see if they can save anyone. They come and see that no one is alive in till they hear a whimpering from the alpha den and near the body of his fallen father is a werewolf child trying to wake up his dead mother and father. The counts family decide to adopt him placing him in the family with their son (you) and they grow up as very close brothers....till the time of the counts son to find a queen except he doesn't wish for aqueen. He goes to visit his friend to see him training and can't help but love his movements and decide that he needs no queen but someone that fits him more in a style and fighting.
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