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  1. Ok. So I have a new plot that's been floating around for a little while now. It's based on a few different manga put together.

    Character A is living with his abusing boyfriend. He puts up with the physical and emotional abuse because of the desperate, twisted love he has for his boyfriend, along with the fact that he has no other family or friends who could help him leave. One night, his boyfriend gets drunk and beats him to the point that Character A fears for his life. He runs away from the house with no money and nowhere to go. After stumbling through the snow, battered and frozen, he collapses in front of Character B's apartment. When Character B sees him, he is close to calling the police before he sees how hurt he is and brings him inside to clean him up. When he finally wakes up, Character A wants to go back to his boyfriend, but Character B convinces him to stay with him instead.

    I was thinking that Character B could be a medical person: EMT, Nurse or Doctor. Then he would have a good reason for wanting to treat his wounds.

    Also I don't want the new relationship to become abusive, just a cute love story about an abused man trying to get better.

    I would prefer someone who can write at least two paragraphs per post. More is even better.

    Anyone interested? Please say yes. :)
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  2. I'm game :3
  3. Still looking :)
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