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  1. The idea I have is a kinda-sorta fantasy thing, but set in modern times. So modern technology, modern cities, etc. But with a slightly different near-recent history.

    The fantasy element is that dragons exist, and they have existed for perhaps as long as humans. When humans found out about the dragons, a war started between the two races that has been going on ever since.

    To get an edge in this fight, humans started to capture, breed, and train dragons as servants, slaves, and, in the military, weapons.

    Your character would be a soldier in training who has been cleared to select a dragon to train as his partner in combat. My character is that dragon.

    Any takers or questions? (I anticipate being asked this, so I'll say it right now: dragons have a human, a "half-breed," and a true dragon for that they can shift between at-will.)
  2. hmmmm i think you've caught someone maybe

    so is this a M/M or M/F and how is it a mature rp?
  3. MxM. And mature in terms of violence and likely foul language in the beginning, and sexual themes later on. I would like the soldier and dragon to actually start sleeping together later on.
  4. ok nice give me a few and i'll come up with a small character sheet if thats ok
  5. Sounds good.
  6. i have a question are we posting in PMs or a thread?
  7. Whichever you prefer.
  8. Oh. You were supposed to be the soldier...
  9. i thought you wanted 3 forms... oh well ok i'll put his sheet up
  10. is it ok if i PM you from hear on?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.