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MXM Plot Ideas

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~Alcatraz, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. -Character A is anorexic and has a dangerous drug addiction. When he was fifteen his parents found out and sent him to a rehab center in hopes of curing his addiction and anorexia. But as time went on and there was no progress his family slowly started to lose hope and eventually stopped visiting him. The only thing that kept them connected was the monthly payment that his parents sent to the rehab center to pay for him to stay there, not wanting to have to deal with him. At the age of 17 Character A himself has lost all hope in ever getting better and has come to the point that he doesn't even see a point in trying. Character B is a newly appointed doctor/therapist at the rehab center. He is full of hope and thinks that everyone can over come their problems as long as they believe they can. On his first day there he is given what many of the doctor and nurses at the rehab center have labeled a lost cause, character A. Many have tried to help him and have failed. In all of character B's career had he ever meet someone so set on to the path of self destruction. Character B will do anything in his power to help character A. Character A doesn't want the help but can character B change his mind and save him? Or is character A too far gone to be reached?

    - Character A is a poor 22 year old man. Having lived at the orphanage his whole life he does whatever he can to help out. Even if that means going out in the cold to try and collect money for the orphanage while being a student at the local community college as well. Character B is a wealthy CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation. He has everything he could ever need or want except the one thing he desires most, love. Being such a wealthy man he often has to deal with people using him for his money. Which has made him distrustful of anyone trying to get close to him. One evening on his way back to his penthouse his driver almost runs a young man over, having not seen him in the thick snow. Irritated at the delay Character B gets out of the car to yell at the young man only to become speechless when his eyes meet the most beautiful, baby blue eyes of the young man's. In that instant Character B knows that he has to have this young man.

    -Character A used to be in love with a man that he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. That is until he found out about what his love did for a living. When they first met he had simply thought that Character B had come from a wealthy family and had inherited the family business. Character B had gone into the family business it just hadn't been what character A had been expecting. Rather than running a multi-billion dollar company like character B had said he did he was instead one of the most feared mafia leaders in the world. Terrified character A runs and goes into hiding. He should have known that once he was character B's there was no escape. Character B isn't about to let his little love run away from him and after a few years he finally manages to track him down. Once he does character B needs to decide what he would rather do, punish his love for running or trying to rebuild the relationship that they had once cherished.

    What is in bold is the one that I would prefer to be. If interested say so here or send me a PM~
  2. I would like to roleplay this one if you don't mind.
  3. I would love to rp the third storyline you have up there ^^
  4. I'll snag the first one if its still open.
Thread Status:
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