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  1. I'm looking for a partner that will post at least one paragraph per post and will post at least once a day. I understand if things get hectic so I won't enforce the last part. I just hate when roleplays die because there was so much space between replies. I'm not a grammar nazi, but I would like your posts to be readable with as few spelling mistakes as possible. I will not tolerate one liners or text speak. This is a way for me to write and get ideas out there. I don't wish for my ideas to be insulted by text speak, sorry if that insulted anyone, I meant no offense. I usually write smut, but will fade to black if that makes my partner more comfortable. I like to give ideas, but I also like my partner to contribute any ideas they may have. I will play either the Uke or the Seme though if I start playing too many Semes I will request that I get to play a Uke. Now to some pairing ideas that I have. These are all MxM.

    Assassin - Assassin

    Two assassins are charged with killing each other. They have never met each other, but are aware of how hard their mission will be. During they final fight where one of them will succeed in killing the other, a new person comes into play who has been hired to make sure that they both die. Against their wishes they are forced to unite to stay alive. Will their rivalry turn to love? (Note: I'm not the best at writing actions scenes so I don't want to have a ton of them, but they are bound to happen)

    Kitsune - Fallen Angel

    In a world of good and evil, there are always those that change sides. A fallen angel has always been on the side of evil. Something happens that causes him to switch sides. He goes to the leader of a group of the good guys (kitsune) and requests to join them. He gives no explanation for the switch, but after much deliberation the fallen angel is accepted into the fold. The kitsune keeps a close eye on him to make sure he is what he truly says he is. Will the fallen angel prove himself and what happens when an attraction forms between them?

    So those are the only actual plots that I have for now, but I am willing to listen to any ideas that you may have. Here are some general pairings that I'm willing to do. I do not however do any fandoms with cannons, I don't like taking other people's characters. I prefer to make my own. This is not a complete list.

    Best friend - best friend
    Brother's best friend - younger brother
    Vampire - human
    Demon - human
    Vampire - Demon
    Lycan - human
    Vampire - Lycan
    Shape shifter - human
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.