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  1. Character A is just getting back from his training to be an alpha. When he comes back from his training he gets the shock of his life. While he was away his parents had taken in a young 17 year old boy, who had been caught trespassing on pack land. They found him beaten, bruised, and bloody laying in the snow. But this isn't simply a human boy, he is instead a rare type of were, a neko. While in human form he has cat ears and a tail. The moment he lays his eyes on the little neko his fate is sealed. Character B had to watch as his parents were killed in front of him at the age of 4. Taken from his home he was beaten and abused by his kidnapper. The minute he gets the chance to he runs, not knowing where he is going. The last thing he expected to happen was to enter werewolf territory and be accepted into the pack. But due to his kidnapping he is scared of practically everyone, especially big men. So when he is suddenly grabbed by a strange man who is looking down at him with glowing eyes and growls the word mate at him, he couldn't help it when he freaks out. Character A couldn't stop his wolf from coming out and practically scaring his little mate to death. Now with Character B doing practically everything in his power to avoid the powerful alpha and Character A doing everything he can to try to convince his little neko to give him a chance, things start to get messy. It doesn't help that rouges are suddenly attacking and the mad man that held Character B captive wants him back, willing to do anything to do just that. Can Character A help his little neko over come his fear of big men and can Character B ever accept and open up to the mate that he thought he would never have?

    ***This could involve mpreg, but doesn't have to***
    I am looking for someone to be Character A
    This is an MxM
    If interested send me a PM or let me know here.​
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  2. Hey I would be interested in doing this with you, ^^
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