MxM plot idea

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Hello, I'm looking for a long term partner who will had to the story with plot twists and other characters, romance and some violence. I type usually 3- 5 paragraphs and am looking for my future partner to give about the same, though grammar isn't that important so long as I know what you're talking about.

-This will be an MxM, I'm looking for a Dominant male
- No one liners!
- I write in Third Person
- Post a few times a week, I'll post usually a few times a day
- An equal balance of Plot and Sex, just character building before hand.

This is an idea of mine that I'm hoping to play with someone, the last time I tried this idea it died, so I'm hoping that wont happen again.

Its a medieval based world, but it doesn't have to be just swords and shields. Fantasy elements are perfect, we can add magic, or any other such crazy things to the plot.

All characters, unless otherwise needed for the plot, will be 18 and over. (sisters, little brothers, or just a few children who dont play big roles are fine, but our characters have to be 18+)

In a medieval based world, there is a people imprisoned and enslaved by man. They are called the Axion, a special breed of humans with red hair and red eyes, their entire body stronger than man. Strength, speed, agility, life span. Everything, this is why they are imprisoned, for their special qualities they are enslaved to work until death. This carried on for a few generations until rebellion started and the stronger Axions began fighting back, winning their freedom.

Luca, MC, is not so fortunate. He has been a slave for as long as he can remember, and he is tired of remembering nothing else. On a winter night, in the city, he breaks free of his shackles to run, run to the harbor in hopes to find his way back home. An island far across the ocean where Axions thrive in their true culture.


Night Dancer
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Did you have any ideas on the second character or is it free to choose? Oh and hi! =)


Free to pick as you wish, and Hello ^.^ Pm me
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