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  1. So hey there, I'm fairly new to rping, but I'm going to give this a try.

    I'm looking for a Male x Male roleplay/roleplays. I play dominant or switch characters, so if you by all means want to be the dominant person I wont say no, but I also will make your character slightly fight for it. As for kinks, if you got em tell me, there is a loooot I'm very open to try.

    Feel like I might be a person of interest ? Then send me a message or reply to this
  2. I'd love to do an rp with you. Pm me with any ideas you are eager to try and if you don't have specific ones we can always come up with one. :)
  3. Please PM if you are still looking :3 i love to play submissive or switch!
  4. *pokes head in* Are you still looking~? Just send me a quick PM if you are~ ^^
  5. I would certainly be interested in discussing plots with you. Please PM me if you're still looking. :)
  6. ive been looking for doms to roleplay with so if your still looking please get back to me ^_^
  7. I'm a usual Dom character myself, and am need of some change, but I would love to roleplay with you and come up with something! Feel free to PM me if you're still looking. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.