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  1. The story line is over the English cover the JubyPhonic does over Inokori Sensei.

    Teacher x Student

    This teacher had been his teacher since grade school. Back then it was innocent. Now the student has developed a crush for this teacher. Bad thing for the teacher. He is loosing his mind as to why this kid keeps bothering him al the time, and calling him out in the middle of class. The teacher can admit, he has wanted the student, but not in sexual relations, so he pushes the student away. The teacher had changed through out the years. What was once a friendly and caring man, is now a cruel and judgmental person with a cold heart. This student will try everything he can to open the teacher up, and get what he wants.

    We can decided on who will be playing what role.
  2. You have now gotten me hooked on that song. Thank you xD
    I might be interested in doing it! Maybe we can discuss it further?
    I would prefer to be the student though, if you don't mind :3
  3. Great XD I'm obsessed with that song and just had to play it. I also wanted to be the teacher, so win win for us both. Shoot me a pm and we can talk.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.