MxM Partner wanted! (I also welcome FxM!)

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  1. Hey Guys! I am Wizardess of Nightscape, also just mainly known as Wizardess. I am seriously craving another MxM role play right now. I am willing to discuss plots with you if you have any ideas. Please message me with any ideas you may have. A couple ideas I have are these.

    Plot 1 - Doctor x Patient - The patient is brought in for some strange symptoms he's been having, all to find out he has cancer. As the doctor treats this patient, they Start to confide in each other, and, eventually, a romance blossoms. A forbidden romance, because we all know patient and doctor relations are frowned upon.

    Plot Idea 2 - A medieval/fantasy prince romance.

    A prince meets the prince of a neighboring kingdom and the two princes start to get to know each other. The princes start developing feelings towards each other and the parents of these princes are trying to set them up in arranged marriages. The parents tey to keep them away from each other because a romance like theirs is forbidden and is punishable by death.

    These are my ideas, of course, I'm up for any other ideas you might have also. I just really want to do MxM. HOWEVER, I am willing to do FxM with my ideas above also so if you don't do MxM then we can make it MxF. I also would like to do any of these fandoms if anyone is interested. They would be OC/OC or OC/CANON pairings.

    * = FxM only

    Harry Potter
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Uta No Prince Sama
    Black Butler
    Fairy Tail*

    Just message me or post here if your interested in any of the fandoms I suggested or if you like my ideas! Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

    Oh and as an FYI, I am looking for someone who can at least reply once a day and someone who can reply at least one to two paragraphs. More is always welcome and Libertine is generally what I roleplay. If your not ok with sex scenes, that's ok. Just tell me so I don't put our thread in a libertine when we have no plan on any sex scenes whatsoever.
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  2. Hello friend, I am willing to discuss plots with you if you are still interested :)
  3. Did you have any ideas for HP? :)
  4. I'm interested in the Fairy tail one.
  5. I am interested in your prince x prince idea, the doctor x patient idea, and harry potter. I actually have a ton of premade OCS for harry potter lol.
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