MxM partner searching.

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So what am I looking for?

-I'm looking for someone that 18 or older as some of the plots might move in an NSFW direction and I don't want any problems with doing so.

-I would like for you to post at least every other day or more. I'm usually pretty quick about answering, so I will try to not make you wait a long time for responses.

-As for the grammar, I'm really not that nazi. Just make sure I can understand what you mean and it will be fine.

-For length, I'm looking for at least 1 paragraph.


I will try to keep these short and if you would like more info about any of them just PM me.
(Yes I know there is just one atm, but feel to PM me with any ideas)

A monster hunter gets sent to investigate a strange phenomenon where a whole hillside seems to have been burnt to the ground and where the earth itself has cracked apart. What he finds is a creature he had never hunted before. A human, or a half human/half monster. So the question then is. To kill or not to kill.
So if you have seen the beyond the boundary anime think of the half human being something close to Akihito.

For those who don't here is a slight explanation. He looks human, acts human and is by all means human, but sometimes he can't contain the monster inside and what follows is usually a sea of fire and destruction.
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