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  1. I need more rps! I reply anywhere from many times a day to a few times a week, depending on my interest in the rp and my current work load. I hate one line posts, and I will give as good as I get. So if you post ten paragraphs on average, then expect me to as well, as long as the posts aren't just fluff. I like playing uke, but I can play seme and switch. If an idea interests you, then feel free to reply here or pm me.



    b.) Thirty years ago, all the oil ran out. To cope, America illegalized cars, the states became sovereign nations, and federal agents became simply the messengers between the sovereign nations u the capital. YC lives in one of these sovereign nations as a mechanic, forty years after the oil ran out. YC builds and repairs the bicycles, mechanicals, and carts that have become the primary form of transportation, going through the remains of cars for parts.

    MC is a man from the sovereign nation of Florida, and is a known fugitive across the southern nations for one reason:he has a car that actually runs. Since the fall of modern civilization, cars have been considered sins, one of the reasons why modern civilization fell . However, MC's car doesn't run on petrol oil. It runs on cooking oil.

    Due to his possession of a car, MC is detained and his car is destroyed. But YC knows that having cars again could change the world, and aims to assist him in building another.

    c.) MC is a well-known jewel thief. When he is framed for the murder of the king's son, YC is the bounty hunter who takes the job of capturing him to be executed.

    MC stows away onto an airship and is quickly followed by YC, but MC has a backup plan, and is going to execute it soon.

    d.) MC was a brilliant inventor. He created a superweapon so powerful that it could end all wars. However, on the night of its first live test, the coordination settings were wrong, and rather than land harmlessly in a field, as was planned, a city the size of Los Angeles was destroyed, killing millions.

    MC was arrested and incarcerated in the world's highest-security prison, that he had, ironically, helped build and design. YC is his cellmate, who recognized MC. He blackmails him into assisting him in a high-risk escape.


    b.) It has been five years since fantasy creatures were discovered by the normal world. Since then, they have been captured indiscriminately by humans, to be sold on the black market to buyers such as the United States government and Asian prostitution rings, even to private households.

    MC is the last remaining member of a once-prominent group of vampires, and was captured by YC, a man who's made his living off of selling paranormal creatures, especially to private buyers. However, as he is taking MC back to the city to be sold, he learns that vampires and werewolves and the like are exactly like humans, only different.

    By the time he is in the city again, YC decides that he doesn't want to sell MC. He wants to save him.

    e.) The year is 2014. Magic is a part of every day life, to the point where almost half of the population has some level of magic in them. One man(MC), put in jail at age fourteen for a crime he didn't commit, is being allowed to be put in a cell with another person, something he had been forbidden for seven years. YC is his new cellmate. What happens between them is entirely up to you.

    f.) MC is a mage. However, he has no knowledge of this, and as weirder and weirder things begin happening to him, he meets YC, a young man who is in training to kill mages. At first, YC doesn't know that MC is a mage, and decides to become friends. However, on MC's eighteenth birthday, he comes into his inheritance--his magical powers. YC realizes he is a mage, and decides to ignore it, as long as MC doesn't become evil. On his last day of training, YC 's father tells him that he must kill MC in order to become a full hunter.

    g.) MC is a blood mage in a kingdom that hates blood mages. All children undergo a test at age fifteen to determine if they are a blood mage. However, MC was able to avoid the test, until he made a mistake. Now, he is being brought to the Mage's Guild to have his magic taken away forever. YC is the mage assigned to do so, but after seeing how innocent MC is, he decides to bend the rules and save MC.


    a.) MC is a pre-op transgender boy (ftm). He moves to a new school, and wants to keep it a secret. So, he talks to his teachers and the principal to have them keep it under wraps. Within a few months of living there, he gets top surgery and stays out of school for a few weeks. YC is a student who has gotten close to MC without realizing a thing. Hearing that MC is out of school for "pneumonia", he goes to his house, waking in on him having his bandages changed. This leads to questions, and soon MC is coming out to YC, who is beginning to fall for MC, now that he knows that MC is a man. TAKEN

    b.) YC and MC met at a mental hospital after they both tried to commit suicide. MC becomes extremely sullen and depressed, while YC simply tries to forget about it. As they both tackle their personal demons, they find themselves becoming friends, and even more than friends. As they are nearing the date that YC will be released, MC makes him promise that when they are both out, they will get back together. But will their love survive outside the psych ward?TAKEN
    Pairings--The bolded one is the one I want to play.

    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Teacher x Student

    Fandoms--Same as in pairings.

    Assassin's Creed

    Anyone x Leonardo da Vinci

    Dragon Age II

    M!Hawke x Fenris
    Anders x Fenris

    A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

    Renly Baratheon x Loras Tyrell

    Houkago no Charisma/Afterschool Charisma



    OC x OC

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter was killed by Voldemort as a new-born. Now, 11 years later, the Death-Eaters seek a pure blooded world and declare war on muggles.
    That's all I have right now, but updates will be made!
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  2. I'd be interested in the psych ward one
  3. Yay ^w^

    Do you have any questions about the plot? I was thinking, since there would be a good deal of time where our main characters wouldn't have much contact, that we'd double up on characters. If you don't want to, that's fine, too.
  4. I'd be fine with doubling up n.n Would this start before the suicide attempts, right after (like when they got admitted to the hospital) or after they've been in the hospital a few weeks?
  5. Right after. I think it would make the emotions more potent. Do you want me to write a character sheet?
  6. Alright ^^ I'll get you one tonight or tomorrow morning.
  7. Okie dokie. Take your time
  8. Name: Eli Jameson

    Age: 17

    Personality: Eli loves to sing, and he's damn good at it. Besides singing, he is generally happy. He plays piano, composes musical pieces, and wants to be a choral director. He is sympathetic, caring, and loves everyone he meets. However, he has his own demons, and has dealt with anorexia, depression, and panic attacks.

    History: He was born to a well-off family, given most of what he wanted as a child. He excelled in school, gaining top marks in many of his classes. However, in high school, he came out to his family and friends. For the most part, his family ignored it, pretending that their son was completely normal.

    During the summer before his junior year, he saved some money and went to a salon, having his hair dyed to look like a rainbow. This enraged his father, who threatened to shave it all off or kick him out. After that, he stayed with a friend, worried about the welfare of his hair and himself. When school started back up, he moved back home, so he wouldn't impose on his friend's family.

    Now, his family completely ignored him, and Eli began to spiral into depression. A few months later, after failing am exam and questioning his reasons for living, Eli cut his wrists almost to the bone, and woke up in a hospital.


    I know that the picture isn't great, but I couldn't find a better picture. Hope he's okay.
  9. It's great and the picture is fine :)

    Name: Jayden McAlistair

    Age: 17

    Jayden likes to draw and is rather good at it. He's looking at becoming a professional tattoo artist eventually. He is rather quiet and keeps to himself but that doesn't mean he's not friendly, he is, he's just picky about who he spends his time and energy on. Jayden has dealt with depression, drug and alcohol abuse and anorexia

    Jayden was born to a low middle class family, while they weren't poor they weren't exactly rich either. He was average at school, his grades somewhere in the middle. In tenth grade he realized he was gay, but didn't come out nor did he deny it when he was asked about it. His parents don't know, simply because they've never asked. He was mostly ignored at home, not on purpose, because his older sister caused trouble and kept their parents attention on her.

    Sometime in his Junior year he started drinking and doing drugs and eventually was high nearly all the time. While his family was wrapped up in his sister's drama, Jayden slipped into depression and started to question why his parents had even had him, if they never paid any attention to him. He decided to OD on some sleeping pills and painkillers.

  10. He looks great ^^ Do you want to start the thread or should I? I'm fine with either, but you might have to wait until tomorrow again. I've been at a film festival all day, and I'm exhausted, so I'll probably get to sleep early.
  11. Could you start it please and thank you? I don't mind waiting, especially not if you're exhausted.
  12. Im interested in the first one in modern if your still looking.
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  13. I am ^^ Do you have any questions about the plot?
  14. Not at all. I just have a question.

    Do you mind if I write 2-3 paragraps? I could do 4 if I have enough time.
  15. Not at all ^^
    Do you want me to write a character sheet?
  16. Yes, please.
  17. Alright ^^ I'll get to it after I finish this project.
  18. Name: Marcus Wilde

    Age: 16

    Personality: Quiet and bookish, Marcus tends to be a loner. However, he isn't shy, and will open up to people who talk to him. He likes to play old video games, especially Pokemon, but he won't say no to newer franchises. He didn't like to sing before he began testosterone treatment, but after his voice deepened to a lovely tenor, he grew to love it, and joined the school's choir, excelling even though he had no former training.

    History: Marcus knew that he was meant to be a boy around the time he entered high school. His family was very understanding, and bought him his first binder and found him a doctor. They moved to be closer to his doctor, as driving two hours in order to keep appointments was getting expensive.


    Hope that's good! ^^
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