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  1. So hello there, I'm Sentinel. I'm new to this site (still trying to find my way around the forums), but not to roleplay. My usual RP haunt is down -weeps tears of blood- and I'm suffering from withdrawal, so I'm looking for a partner or two interested on embarking on a plot-based, MxM roleplay with me.

    Please read, I beg of you! I'll know if you didn't. >:(

    - I get bored easily, this I do not deny. Therefore it is important for me that posts be engaging and descriptive (I will try my best to make mine as such). I will include a writing sample below for those who are curious.
    - Please have a good grasp of spelling and grammar. Nothing pains me more than reading an entire post without any punctuation or proper capitalization. Sorry if I sound horrifically nitpicky, but I don't want to have to not reply because I'm terrible at telling people I lost interest.
    - I have real life and plenty of other obligations, so I might not be able to respond every day. I will try my best to make at least once a week.
    - Posts should be at least one paragraph (three to four lines). More is better, but writing a novel-length post is extremely taxing for me right now and I'd prefer quick, back-and-forth responses (also because I sometimes respond through my smartphone).
    - Though I understand this is the 'mature' section, I still prefer plot to take the main priority. Whatever happens between our characters happens as a sub-plot.
    - I usually play dominant characters, so it'd be nice to play the opposite for once, or a switch. A particular interest of mine is for the perceived 'stronger' character to end up more submissive during intimate moments, showing a hidden vulnerability (I'd love to play a character like that.)
    - No damsels in distress/characters who are constantly (constantly, not occasionally) helpless and crying. Please.
    - Feel free to check out the 'Roleplay Resume' tab on my profile for more information.

    - Incest
    - High School
    - Slice-of-Life
    - Anthros/Furries

    Hope I didn't scare anyone off. I'm nice, I promise! I just want to avoid having to tell anyone that I can't think of a reply/lost interest.

    Genres, Plots & Pairings:
    (YC - Your Character, MC - My Character)

    - Medieval Dark Fantasy. Plenty of plot opportunities here.
    - Science Fiction. Ideally military-based.
    - Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland. Zombies, New Vegas-esque setting...
    - Dystopian/Totalitarian Society. Leader of an underground resistance (YC) captures a government soldier (MC).
    - Historical-based (Emphasis on 'based', since I do not purport to be an expert at any historical age.)
    - Espionage/Spies. Can be of the glitzy, James Bond variety or the more realistic, darker form, preference to the latter.
    - Paranormal (Gothic-y setting, maybe?)
    - Renaissance-based setting. At a masquerade ball, the son of a prominent noble family (YC) is accosted by a mysterious masked individual (MC) claiming his life is under threat by a 'great conspiracy'. Idea needs expanding, but this probably involves ancient secrets/fraternities, politics and plenty of backstabbing.
    - Setting and plot similar to the video game 'Dishonored'; a gritty world where magic and technology combine. The Emperor is assassinated, leaving his ever-faithful bodyguard (MC) to hunt down the persons responsible. (YC) is a skilled, silver-tongued thief who witnessed the assassination and wishes to 'sell' his information. Both eventually come under threat from the perpetrators.
    - Similar setting to the above. The Emperor is overthrown via military coup. The Emperor's son (YC), while in hiding, somehow encounters one of the Empire's last faithful soldiers (MC).
    - Two soldiers thrown into the midst of a bloody war. Any setting (medieval, sci-fi, etc.)
    - Cyberpunk. A talented hacker (YC) has been spreading messages of rebellion against an absent government. The people are living in absolute squalor, oppressed and bitter. (MC) is an escaped government experiment.

    That's all I can think of at present. If you have any cravings and/or suggestions that fit into any genres mentioned above, do throw them at me. The worst I could do is say 'no thank you'.

    Writing Sample:
    (part of a chaptered fiction I'm working on)

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  2. Hello there!
    I would love to play a secretely dominant man for your secretely submissive character! I was wondering what type of setting you would like best, as honestly they all seems interesting.
    Would you be interested in giving me a shot?
  3. Hey there! I'd be happy to! Well, I don't actually have a preference right now, and I'm horrible at decisions. So do you have any that you like more than the others?
  4. What stick out most to me are either the Sci-Fi Military, the Historically-based craving or the dark espionage idea. Maybe we could mix these last two together, also.
  5. Hmm, a historically-based dark espionage tale sounds like an intriguing combination. Do you have any preferences as to a historical period? I'm no detailed history buff so we'd have to take considerable liberties.
    Other than that, sci-fi military is one of my favorite genres. Perhaps the somewhat clich├ęd but classic idea involving a Special Forces squad of modified super-soldiers repelling an alien threat.
  6. I think the fifties would be intriguing, like maybe one of the spies would act as your typical housewife and gather intelligence in society events for the Russians or something like that.

    What about the threat being a Lovecraftian horror?
  7. Yes, the fifties could work, maybe a sort of Cold War/Cuban Missile Crisis situation where everyone's on edge. KGB versus the CIA, McCarthyism, etc. The foreign spy could just be a typical friendly neighbor or some such.

    And a Lovecraftian horror would be good as well. I was thinking the squad could also get stranded on a hostile planet against terrible odds.

    We'd still have to decide between the two potential RPs though.
  8. Indeed. I think I would prefer the Military idea, perhaps the aliens would be an older and more powerful race and a struggle for survival would seem hopeless? That could add to the tension :).
  9. Ah yes, a struggle for survival as thousands die each day. Something to the tune of the Reapers in Mass Effect (if you've played the game). I was thinking a new, but gifted addition to a five-man Spec Ops squad under a notoriously humorless/stern leader. We could begin with the squad being dispatched to investigate a distress beacon on an unmapped planet, only to discover disturbing evidence of this alien race and its sinister intentions. What do you think?

    Of course, the other three members of the squad can be shared between us as minor characters, even killed off during plot progression.
  10. I like it :)
    Maybe they would be seeking a planet for their base in that particular galaxy and end up in a world of trouble?
  11. Sounds good. :) Would you mind if I took the role of the squad leader? That way I'm able to imbue him with a hidden insecurity complex (hence the secret submissive side). I like to think of the new recruit as a gutsy, outspoken fellow for contrast, but it's completely up to you.

    Were there any other details you wanted to sort out or do you wish to start? It's getting really late here so I'd only be able to post IC tomorrow when I wake up.
  12. Of course, take the Leader if you want :).
    As for my character, I see him as being confident and secretly arrogant, perhaps with a knack for espionage.

    I would prefer you start on that one, but don't worry, I'm patient. Would our character be humans or something else?
  13. Confident and secretly arrogant sounds perfect! ;) I generally prefer humans, but if you'd like your character to be of a humanoid alien race allied with humanity, that'd work as well.

    Alrighty then, I'd love to start. I'll get my intro in on the thread tomorrow!
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