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    I'm looking for two-three partners at the moment but I do have a couple ideas. Before that though, I do have some expectations and random notes:
    • Try not to rush things. I find a Roleplay a lot more enjoyable if everything is allowed to develop naturally.
    • At least one-two paragraphs with decent grammar. You don't have to spam the edit button like I tend to do, but at least look over your post and put some effort behind your response.
    • There is more than one way to have sex.
    • I won't double up on plot ideas so first come first serve.
    • Please read my résumé.
    • Postings will depend on how often I'm connected to the internet. I have no internet at home (unless I barrow my mom's phone but even then I can't do much more than check messages) and it's winter-y here so sometimes it'll be too cold to go to the library. Please forgive me if I suddenly disappear, I swear it's not you it's me D:
    • I like doubling on characters but we don't have to.
    • Anything not specified is negotiable, open to change, and be added to.
    Aforementioned ideas [bold is my preference, but I'm easily persuaded ;)]:

    - Character A and Character B once had something special until one night turned their world upset down and betrayal reared its ugly head. Now full fledge hunters, both are sent after a demon by two separate sources, inevitably meeting up along the way. Circumstance eventually calls for a partnership with sexual tension and hard feelings thrown into the mix along with one extra complication; the demon lives off the sexual desires of others. (I don't care whether or not I'm Character A or Character B; you can pick between them and I'll take the remaining role.)

    - Left for dead after a harsh betrayal, a bounty hunter is stranded in the middle of nowhere far from known civilization equipped with the bare minimum and no way to fend for himself. Fortunately, a merciful savior takes the wounded and abandoned hunter despite often being the prey to their kind, or so it seems.

    - Character A is an omega with a history of being undermined and saw as nothing more than a sex toy by his previous alpha lovers, growing to despise them as a whole. Unfortunately, his latest heat attracted the attention of Character B, a sex addicted alpha no less. Despite harsh words and verbal insults from Character A, Character B sticks around and tries to... woo him?

    - Character A is from a long line of demon hunters and after all his years of training he's finally given his first major mission. Unbeknownst to him, he's being stalked from the shadows by Character B, a demon who's completely infatuated by him. It's only when Character A is saved by Character B does this become apparent. Both embarrassed and prideful, Character A refrains from reporting Character B to his family and tries to deal with Character B's antics all the while plotting his demise.

    - In the country of Becohe, slavery of Genies and Djinn is a legal and profitable business. Stores and stalls selling rings and other special trinkets possessed by these tricky spirits can be found everywhere but are notably without a warning label: not obedient. In fact, Genies and their more powerful counterparts, Djinn, are crafty, cunning, mischievous, selfish, and not in the least bit interested in serving anyone no matter how selfless and honorable the wisher is. They have been known to talk their way out of servitude entirely and some have gone as far as switch the roles on their unsuspecting pray, turning the wisher into their own personal slave. But break throughs in the art of witchcraft now present ways to bind powers of Genies and Djinn and offer potential buyers the option to restrict Genies and Djinn granting capabilities to a specific theme but such enchantments are costly.

    [the idea below was originally going to be a group Roleplay but considering my Roleplay habits it's better off being private. All though, having two partners for this instead of one (depending on my partner's wish) wouldn't be unreasonable as long as you respect my lack of consistent replies and don't leave me behind ^^' I would also like for this to be a bit more focused on the storytelling but it doesn't have to be (Ilium and a couple of my current partners spoil me when it comes to storyline-rich roleplays honestly).]

    - Cunarini Academy is a boarding school for those with supernatural gifts and abilities including - but not exclusively - *weres, vampires, *witches and warlocks (and respectfully their *familiars), *kemonomimi, anthromorphics, elves, and a few rarities including demons, mermaids, *genies and djinn, *goblins, fay, and even those claiming to be offspring of gods and angels. Ryder Brushwood, being the warlock of his coven, is one such student but after a messy break up is more focused on his studies and just trying to make it through his third year alive than finding someone to share his life with. But when someone, a boy of all people, comes along and catches his eye, he finds himself with a little dilemma.

    *Weres can be of any race including demon, elves, vampires, ex cetera (excluding mermaids, genies and djinns) with the ability to turn into an animal, kemonomimi, or anthro and back again.

    *Witch, in this sense, is being used as a unisex term. A warlock is a witch that has powers that are destructive in nature and are elemental based. A more detailed description in the character link provided.

    *Familiars can be of any race including demon, elves, genie, ex cetera, but cannot be another witch. They often help witches with complicated spell casting, focusing meticulous spells, and even act as an energy reserve.

    *Kemonomimi, mimis for short, is a Japanese term for humans with animal qualities like nekos (cat boys) while anthros are animals with human qualities like werewolves, but unlike werewolves, don't possess the ability to turn into a human.

    *Genies and djinn don't grant wishes in this verse. Genies are spirits who have perfected the art of illusion while djinn are spirits with the power over shapeshifting (they have also been known to posses humans, a trait demons are mistaken to have).

    *Demons are to angels as goblins are to elves. Dark elves if you will.

    Wish list (optional):
    • Fighting, banter, and/or chasing or being chased as foreplay
    • Uncomfortable and/or awkward sex
    • Supernatural; demons in specific but, again, optional and open ended
    • Rival dynamics including sworn enemies and anti-heroes
    • Toys and/or light bondage
    • Flip-flop sex
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  2. I'm extremely interested in the omega/alpha universe idea!
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  3. I would love to do the fourth idea that you put up with the demon x demon hunter
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  4. @Ino, @Nassione

    I'm currently on break but when I come back we can plot :D Just shoot me a pm ^^
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