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  1. So I've gotten some more ideas for rps! These are only MxM ideas. I can play seme and uke, but most of my rps right now I play seme, so I would love to have a crazy dominant seme.


    a.) War terrorizes the land of Ashanti. Every day, countless airships leave with soldiers and come back with bodies. Not even a mile from YC's house, one of these airships is shot down, landing in a wide open field. There is but one survivor.

    For whatever reason, YC was not drafted, and lives on the farm their family owns. The rest of his family is dead or drafted. The farm is miles from the nearest town , and YC is the only person to see the airship go down.

    MC is the sole survivor of the crash, a young prospective pilot who only lived because he was on the outside of the airship doing repairs. He is just barely conscious when YC finds him. Somehow, YC gets him home, and does his best to care for him, which could end up like Florence Nightingale.

    b.) Thirty years ago, all the oil ran out. To cope, America illegalized cars, the states became sovereign nations, and federal agents became simply the messengers between the sovereign nations u the capital. YC lives in one of these sovereign nations as a mechanic, forty years after the oil ran out. YC builds and repairs the bicycles, mechanicals, and carts that have become the primary form of transportation, going through the remains of cars for parts.

    MC is a man from the sovereign nation of Florida, and is a known fugitive across the southern nations for one reason:he has a car that actually runs. Since the fall of modern civilization, cars have been considered sins, one of the reasons why modern civilization fell . However, MC's car doesn't run on petrol oil. It runs on cooking oil.

    Due to his possession of a car, MC is detained and his car is destroyed. But YC knows that having cars again could change the world, and aims to assist him in building another.

    c.) MC is a well-known jewel thief. When he is framed for the murder of the king's son, YC is the bounty hunter who takes the job of capturing him to be executed.

    MC stows away onto an airship and is quickly followed by YC, but MC has a backup plan, and is going to execute it soon.

    d.) MC was a brilliant inventor. He created a superweapon so powerful that it could end all wars. However, on the night of its first live test, the coordination settings were wrong, and rather than land harmlessly in a field, as was planned, a city the size of Los Angeles was destroyed, killing millions.

    MC was arrested and incarcerated in the world's highest-security prison, that he had, ironically, helped build and design. YC is his cellmate, who recognized MC. He blackmails him into assisting him in a high-risk escape.

    a.) YC and his family (parents and siblings) have traveled to his grandmother's estate for her funeral. She had lived in a grand old mansion with several acres of land behind it, all belonging to her.

    A couple days before the funeral, YC decides to walk around the forest. He finds a sanctuary in the forest where fantastical creatures live. The sanctuary's caretaker is MC, a wood nymph who was bound to the forest.

    YC finds himself returning to the sanctuary, intrigued by the amazing things he saw there, as well as the handsome nymph who watches over it.

    b.) It has been five years since fantasy creatures were discovered by the normal world. Since then, they have been captured indiscriminately by humans, to be sold on the black market to buyers such as the United States government and Asian prostitution rings, even to private households.

    MC is the last remaining member of a once-prominent group of vampires, and was captured by YC, a man who's made his living off of selling paranormal creatures, especially to private buyers. However, as he is taking MC back to the city to be sold, he learns that vampires and werewolves and the like are exactly like humans, only different.

    By the time he is in the city again, YC decides that he doesn't want to sell MC. He wants to save him.

    c.) A necromancer (MC) is summoning a demon. However, the spell goes wrong, and MC is left near to death. YC, a local priest, finds him and takes him home, not realizing that he is a necromancer.

    d.) An incubus (YC) finds himself in the bedroom of a young man (MC), having accidentally come in through the wrong room. Still, he's starving, and doesn't want to wait any longer.

    He pleasures the man, takes his blood, and leaves. However, the next time he feeds, all he can think of is the man, and soon finds himself approaching him outside of the bedroom.

    e.) The year is 2014. Magic is a part of every day life, to the point where almost half of the population has some level of magic in them. One man(MC), put in jail at age fourteen for a crime he didn't commit, is being allowed to be put in a cell with another person, something he had been forbidden for seven years. YC is his new cellmate. What happens between them is entirely up to you.


    a.) In a seedier part of town, there lies an abandoned warehouse, where the city's homeless spend their days and nights, just trying to get by. It is there that two young boys meet, both runaways. They meet, and decide to join up, in order to support each other. There's safety in numbers, and they both hope to keep each other safe from the perverts and druggies that inhabit the warehouse, as well as their own personal demons.

    Pairings--The bolded one is the one I want to play.

    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Teacher x Student
    Vampire Hunter x Witch Hunter
    Pirate x Pirate Hunter

    Fandoms--Same as in pairings.

    Assassin's Creed

    • Anyone x Leonardo da Vinci
    Dragon Age II
    • M!Hawke x Fenris
    • Anders x Fenris
    A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
    • Renly Baratheon x Loras Tyrell
    Houkago no Charisma/Afterschool Charisma
    • OC x OC
    Harry Potter
    • Harry Potter was killed by Voldemort as a new-born. Now, 11 years later, the Death-Eaters seek a pure blooded world and declare war on muggles.
    That's all I have right now, but updates will be made!
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  2. I like modern a and steampunk
  3. I Love thes too I know we already have An Rp together but They both Sound Super Cool XD Let me know if you wanna do another one or if your fine just doing the one we have I really love them though
  4. Doing letter C sounds great ^^ I don't mind doing two rps at the same time!
  5. Cool Im So Excited XD
  6. Do you want me to write a character sheet?
  7. I Like Pictures XD If that what ur asking If doesnt have to be a full on one i normally just put a name , Age then a pretty picture
    For the one we're already doing and the new one XD Would be cool.
  8. Okay ^^

    This one's for the new rp - -

    Name: Cyril Nyte
    Age: 20
    Appearance: IMG_20140217_163221.JPG

    And for our current one:

    Name: Cornelius "Cory" Amadeus Ferdinand
    Age: 23
    Appearance: IMG_20140217_163510.JPG
  9. Cool XD

    Here for the new one (its really cool did you draw those I wish i could do that , that is wicked awesome )

    Names ; Brother Levi or Father Levi
    Preist of The Italain Cathedral
    Full name : Levi Dmantai
    Age : 26

  10. Yep, those are both my drawings ^^

    Do you want me to start the thread? It might take a while.
  11. (Thats really cool my art work is the wrost like its so bad that people giggle when they see it XP )]
    Yeah sure take ur time , X) I can wait take all the time u need
  12. Got it XD replied , Its look so awesome
  13. I would LOVE to do either werewolf/werewolf or pirate/pirate hunter with you :)
  14. Well, I'm fine with either ^^

    Do you have a favorite?
  15. not really. you can choose, I'm fine with either
  16. Well, chose pirate/pirate hunter, so I'm fine with that if you are ^^
    Do you have any ideas for a plot?
  17. ok, that sounds good :)

    um, not really. Never did a pirate/pirate hunter rp before. I'm open to anything though :)

    jw, would mpreg be in this or not? I'm fine without it, but I"m just wondering. I haven't done mpreg in a while.
  18. Hmm... I haven't done any mpreg in a while, but I'm open to it if you are ^^ Do you want me to write a character sheet?
  19. okay :) we'll have mpreg then

    yes please. then we can start plot discussion
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