MxM pairing, Looking for a rp partner to play submissive

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  1. Basic storyline : Student x teacher
    The detailed version :

    Its a fantasy rp.
    The university is for wizards. So there will be magic and spells and potions and sex and dram.
    The teacher : bottom
    The teacher is one of the greatest wizards. He used to work for the kingdom, being amongst the king's special warriors but you gave up the position and took up teaching. His past is a secret at the university.
    Extra : knows a rare special kind of magic and hence many people are searching his whereabouts.
    The Student : top
    He is the prince , next in line for throne. He is bored of his life in the kingdom so he decided to run away. He tells his dad that he going to visit some country but instead joins a local magic university. He wants to make friend etc etc
    Extra: he already excels in magic . Being the next king, his education was always taken seriously. So in short he already knows what is going to be taught in the school
  2. I'd like to play submissive for you.
  3. That's great!
    Do you like the storyline I posted, or do you have something else in mind?
  4. No I like it, we can have so much fun with it if we put in a lot of effort :)
  5. Yup, we can!
    Do you mind leaving me a PM ? We can discuss about it there.
  6. Hmm... if only this was still open. Perhaps we could have another role play?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.