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  1. Greetings and welcome to my idea thread, I hope you will find something that will catch your interest!

    Well, to get the formalities out of the way:
    • I do my best to reply at least once a day, depending on time zones anything more can be difficult. My schedule is a bit erratic at the moment, but I will make at least once work.
    • If you can't reply for longer than three days or lost interest in our RP for whatever reason, please let me know.
    • I'm not a native speaker even though I do consider myself pretty much fluent so please feel free to ask for clarification if I was unclear or made a mistake.
    • I'm not a pro RPer yet, so my posts will probably average on 2 to 3 paragraphs
    • For dom/sub type RPs I will, unless the mood hits me, play switch or sub characters
    • In long term RPs I would prefer more plot than smut, in short term RPs I'm fine with mostly smut
    • Please PM me if you are interested or have suggestions etc.
    • This is a work in progress but I feel it gives a pretty good idea of what I like, so if you have an idea you think I might be interested in please PM
    My hard limits are as follows:
    • vore
    • excessive gore without prior discussion
    • blindfolding (either way)
    • rape scenarios without prior discussion
    • bathroom stuff (might make an exception for watersports under rare circumstances)
    • Mpreg (might be willing if there is a plausible explaination in universe)
    • any kind of underage characters involved in sexual situations (of course, this is against side rules as well)

    Original ideas:


    FBI Agent/Serial Killer
    Serial Killer/Serial Killer

    Long term:

    First steps

    YC and MC have been in a long distance relationship for some time now and finally get to meet for the first time. They are both kind of shy and both scared of being rejected after all, but determined to start their new life together and make it beautiful.
    (I'd prefer for them to be from different countries, but we can discuss the details via pm if you are interested)

    Payback is a bitch

    YC bullies MC merciless for being gay, shying away only from hardcore physical violence. That is, until he catches MC attempting suicide. YC tries his best to right his wrongs, to the point of helping MC out in any way he can.
    Now, here the classic story gets a twist: MC has never seriously meant to commit suicide, he merely wanted to catch YCs attention and now sets out to discover exactly how far he can manipulate YC and make his life hell until he catches on.

    Use your words

    YC and MC are both patients in a mental hospital. MC is mute by choice and no one has been able to figure out why he doesn't talk. He spends most of his time isolated, that is until a decision is made that he won't be able to stay in a single room any longer and thus becomes roommates with YC.
    Will they learn to live with each other? And will MC ever learn to use his words again?

    Pretty little toy

    MC is a patient in a mental hospital, YC is his therapist. Usually, a therapist should have his patients best interest in mind, but MC has been sheltered his entire life and is sweetly innocent and naive which brings out a very dark side in YC. Maybe for the first time, maybe not, but all YC knows is that he wants to utterly corrupt MC and make him his little toy.
    (Aiming for coercion/dubcon more than outright rape/noncon)

    An unfair trade

    YC is a vampire, MC is a highly unstable human. When YC discovers MC as he is about to commit suicide, he strikes a deal: He will help MC out of his situation, help him build a new life. In exchange, MC agrees to do anything YC wants, no matter how depraved and degrading, for a period of five years, during which YC will feed him his blood so he won't age.
    (Not necessarily looking for a happy ending here, there's a variety of endings possible. Looking for a partner who is comfortable with a lot of kink. There's probably not going to be that much plot in this one.)

    Short term:

    No ideas as of yet, but feel free to hit me up if you think your idea might hit my fancy.


    Dragon Age I through II:

    Most interested in:


    Mass Effect
    (note: I haven't played the From the Ashes DLC)


    Fallout 3 and New Vegas


    Doctor Who
    Game of Thrones (TV series)
    Criminal Minds

    Harry Potter
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