MxM or MxF



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Hey there and thanks for taking a look. I'm a fairly new roleplayer and I felt like testing this site out, so don't expect me to be the greatest at this

There is only one plot atm, but I will add more as time passes.

About me:
  • I only play guys, at least for now.
  • I'm okay with ether MxM or MxF and that applies to all plots (unless specifically said)
  • Romance isn't something that just instantly happens. It can happen quick, but I would like to have a build up
  • 18 and up pleas, its not a must. However if you want anything sexual it is a must.
  • I'm pretty sure I will be able to be online at least once a day.
  • As for post lengths I would like anything from one paragraph and up. I will try my best to match you.

Now for the plots. The people in BOLD are the people I would like to play

  • The boy in the forest

    Spirit x Human

    A local legend around where you live is that if you go into the forest you might run into a boy with hair as white as snow and a mask that covers his face. It's said that he will help you out of the forest if you ever get lost. Being a bit adventures your character decides to take a walk into the forest and see if he/she can get a glimpse of this boy.

    This plot will revolve around your char finding the boy and overtime growing quite close with him as the two of you spend more and more time together and he shows you the true wounder the woods hold.

If the plot does not interest you feel free to come to me with ideas.
You still looking for a partner, dear?
Well I won't say no to doing it with more then 1 person. :)