MxM or FxM Egyptian Romance Anyone?

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So, I have a craving for an Egyptian God x Human pairing role play. I am cool with it being mxm or fxm, however, if we choose the fxm, i am most comfortable playing the male. I also would prefer this to be a romance role play. Also, I am on everyday whether I'm busy or not so I'd like a partner that is willing to or can reply to role plays at least once a day. If your looking at this and it sounds fun to you, please message me on here!

My plot idea is this: You have been sent to earth because you screwed up your godly duties. So you we're sent to earth for a year so you could "learn your lesson and do it right next time" . This is when the couple meets and they get to know each other.

This is my plot idea! Please respond to this via pm or on this thread if your interested.

Oh and for those who want to know, I can usually give at least a paragraph or two everyday. Just an fyi! Look forward to role playing with you!

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I am interested in roleplaying this idea. Though I could supply a female.
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