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  1. I have only a few plots for now, but I will be regularly adding more as I come up with some. I closed my other thread because it was highly disorganized and all that such nonsense. I will list some pairing Ideas and if I have a plot for it I will provide it under it.

    You can post on here if you want or you can pm me. Pming would probably gain you a faster response though. And before you ask, I will only do MxM and FxF pairings.


    Royal x Royal
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    A Deceitful Lie
    MC is from a kingdom where only sons were born in line to the thrown. The kingdom was falling apart and the only thing that would save them was to have their sons marry outside to the other kingdoms. However the only ones to agree to this was YC Kingdom and they had only a son. In order to save their kingdom, the youngest son (MC at least 17 or older) Was dressed as a woman and offered as the only living princess in the kingdom. Eventually YC would find out and it would be up to you to figure out how YC would react. It could also be for some sort of peace treaty so that there wouldn't be any more fighting and what not.

    Demon x Human
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    Murderous Family
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    • Heir to the Salfon Family fortune there were a lot of attempts on his life. Due to all of this he never had much time to be really happy. He shows a calm and well calculated demeanor which pushes people away. He can be very harsh when he speaks to someone, but he never really means it in a harsh way. He just has a terribly honest and straight forward sense of speaking. This also pushes people away. He is fine with all of this because it allows himself to better figure out who his enemies are.

      Living in the Salfon home wasn't easy. If you took out the multiple people trying to take over the Corporation there was still his Mother and Father he had to deal with.

      Never wanting to have a child and wanting the company to die along with them, many of the attempts on Leonhart's life were because of his parents. At one point they had succeeded and drastically harming him. That was when he started locking himself in his room so that would never see him and never harm him, but this didn't last very long when yet another attempt on his life was made when he was in school.

      They had succeeded in killing him this time. For some reason he hadn't stayed dead. Unaware that their son was still alive, he vowed he would find the power to one day take over his family corp. and get rid of his parents once and for all.
      • In a desperation to gain the power that he needed he summoned a butler to do his bidding. The butler being in the disguise of a Butler much like his storybooks of Ciel and Sebastian.
        (( You would be playing the role of the butler.))

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    {{ This one actually comes from ~CrookedYoung, but I like it so much that I want to do more of it. ))

    Student x Teacher
    Royal x Guard/Assassin
    Younger Brother x Older Brother's best friend
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  2. Oh I forgot to mention, All of these plots could be translated to FxF. These apply for those as well.
  3. I would do A Deceitful Lie as FxF.
  4. Pm me and we can discuss stuff
  5. I have plenty of openings! The rps I have now are a little too slow for me. I'm still doing them, but I need more.
  6. I would like to do the murderous family and have it be FxF but if you would prefer MxM I wouldn't mind.
  7. We could make FxF If you wanted.
  8. I would like to do Slave's Butler plot for FxF >< Is it available or not anymore..? QQ
  9. Oh my! I didn't even get a notif of this. 0.o I am terribly sorry about that.
  10. I'm always open to ideas guys
  11. I could do the slaves butler if you'd still be interested c:
  12. I would certainly be interested.