MxM or FxF Partner Requests For Plots

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  1. Please note; BDSM and Rape are not necessary. It's just that one or two of the plots could contain it.

    ~I'd rather these two plots be an MxM or FxF pairing. I refuse to do MxF for these because it's not my cup of tea. P.S. I kept these plots brief so you don't have to read too much. Note: I usually play Dominant, but I don't mind playing either one for all roles.

    Ignore the post count (if there is any), I will gladly do these plots with more than one person.

    Plot 1:

    Character A is a down-on-their-luck journalist who managed to obtain the biggest story that will shock all of *Insert country they're in*, and possibly gain hundreds of thousands of dollars/yen/whatever daily because of how many people who will want to republish this story. They're tired of living inside of a crappy apartment in a bad neighborhood, and this is finally their chance to live the way they've always wanted. Within the city, however, a drug cartel led by Character B has been working to smuggle drugs in and out of the city and distributed amongst the drug dealers. Each member has been sworn to secrecy; they are recognized by the tattoo of a wolf on their heart. Character B is a wealthy mafia/Yakuza leader, obtaining their money from 60% of the drug dealers' profits, casinos they own, and the families paying them for protection. Word is received that Character A had obtained crucial information that could lead to the leader's arrest, and Character B would just have to get it back, gradually having Character A involved in his business and becoming more attached.

    Plot 2:

    *This plot can include Mpreg if MxM and be based on a Fantasy realm. That is not necessary, but can be added*

    **Arranged Marriage*

    Character A and Character B are both generals of rival kingdoms and the eldest children to the Kings. The territories have been at war for nearly 2 decades now, and the kingdoms are growing wary on agriculture and supplies for the citizens. In these kingdoms, the first son or daughter of the king are put into the military at a young age. They are grown into ideal men/women dictators to take the crown once their father dies. While one King is dying, the two Kings meet one last time to finally decide the faith of the territories. They both knew that this war couldn't continue, or else both kingdoms would be driven to the ground. So, in order to call off the fighting and cease any future conflict, they decide to wed their eldest children for the good of the kingdoms. The only thing that's expected of them is too have one child. Not to love, or anything, but as time progresses and the wedding grows closer, can it be helped?

    These can both be tweaked and worked out. I'm writing these while tired so I missed some stuff to add ^^;;
  2. Would you be willing to Role play with me. I pretty much do yuri (Female x female). I liked the second on, and I have ideas of role plays as well.
  3. Of course~ PM me please.