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    Gosh, that title was a mouthful. Anyways, it basically says everything; I'm looking for a 1x1 partner willing to do a MxM omegaverse RP through PM. I'm flexible with ideas. I'm willing to do a smut scene or two but roleplay will be mostly fluff. Plots are below.

    No Side Effects [Plot 01 (open)
    ]Person A is an Alpha CEO working for a company that distributes heat suppressors. They're marketed as the best option for Omegas wanting to prevent their heat, as they have minimal side effects (some of the worst include increased appetite and low libido).

    Person B is an ordinary Omega who has just experienced some bad side effects from the suppressants - and the worst thing is, they weren't even listed as warnings in the leaflet! His side effects include dizziness, increased tiredness, loss of appetite and hightened thirst).

    Person B, having no luck with the complaints department, decides to book a visit with the CEO to discuss what to do about it - if he doesn't get any compensation, he'll take legal action.

    He didn't expect Person A to be as charming as he is, and soon he finds himself on a date with the Alpha at a fancy resturant. Is that his compensation?

    Okay, I'm bad at explaining this plot, but yeah. Drama, romance, all that awesome stuff.
    Cappuccino Kirk [Plot 02 (open)
    ]Person A is an Omega that works at a coffee shop inside his college campus. Person B is the clumsy Alpha nerd that comes into the coffee shop with the same exact order each time, but with a different name (c'mon, is Person A really meant to believe his name is Latté Skywalker?).

    When Person A's parents decide to set him up with the Alpha son of his Literature professor, he certainly doesn't expect it to be clumsy Person B.

    Run down for this idea is that Person B just seems like a ditzy struggling science major and it turns out he's the smart alpha son of a literature professor. Romance, cutesy moments, y'know. Please ignore my bad coffee nerd puns.
    NSFW (Triggers Inside) [Plot 03 (open)
    ]TRIGGERS: Past dubcon/noncon mention and past abuse.

    Set in a fantasy world that closely resembles medieval Europe. Person A is an Omega living in an "Omega House", being taught to be submissive for when he's bought by a wealthy Alpha. He's been told he's hopeless, he's too dominant and too snappy to be bought by anyone worth anything.

    Person B is an Alpha King who is brought various Omega's from the country's house to find an Omega to rule beside him and bring him a heir. He finds them all too submissive (understandably that's how they've been taught, but that won't work if they'll be ruling with him), until he meets Person A.

    So, yeah. This roleplay would probably have a lot of violence, drama and romance.

    If you have any ideas, I'm open to them. OmegaxOmega and AlphaxOmega (I'll try AlphaxAlpha too but I've never done it before, and BetaxAny dynamic works for me too).
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  2. I am interested cappuccino Kirk and Plot 3. I haven't had to much experience in omegaverse, however, I doo know at least the basics.
  3. Basics are pretty much all you need to know, since we can sort of build our own omegaverse rules (all you really need to know is what alphas, betas and omegas are). Do you want me to PM you and we can discuss the plot/s and stuff? :bubble:
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  4. If you wouldn't mind. ^-^
  5. I am interested!
    I want to try 2nd or 3rd one with you if your still available to RP
  6. Yeah, I'm still avaliable to RP. PM me!!
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