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  1. I'm looking to get a few more role plays started up. I try to answer at peat once a day, but in on break so I should be answer often.

    I have a few things that I required from my partners:

    • At least one paragraph response
    • Tell me if you lose interest
    • Bring ideas to the table
    • Let me know if you'll be gone for a while
    • Respond t least a couple times a week
    Other than those, I'm really easy going.

    Pairings: (characters that I want to play in bold)

    Mostly smut:

    Mostly plot:
    Supernatural creature/supernatural creature
    Ex lovers
  2. I'm on break and I would love some new rps!!!!! Let me know!!
  3. I would like to role play with you and am also on break so in need of some rp buddies. I always like master/pet
  4. I would also like a new rp and am also on break, me you and sethono sould totally do one! :) or just us what ever you want to do, i have lots of plots to propose too if you want to hear them. Pm me :) royal/ servant
  5. I haven't done a Teacher/Student rp before but would be more than willing to try. We can even add the supernatural element to it, if you were still interested in doing that plot.
  6. Interested in a brother/brother rp, please pm me if you're still looking for partners
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.