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  1. Heya, I'm looking for a few new role plays to take up my time :)

    Here are a few plots I had in mind (they're written as MxMs but can be changed to MxF):

    Comic Book Love: (open)
    A seasoned novel editor is forced to change departments and work editing "adult" comic books. He doesn't get along with the main artist and hates work at first, but what happens when the main characters of the comic book start to resemble the editor and artist? And they're involved in a few, er... adult situations.
    [I can play either, though I'd prefer the editor. Can be changed to novels instead of comics.]

    This is MY House: (open)
    One rich old man dies and leaves his mansion to his siblings distant great-grandchildren. The condition is these two must live in the house for a year in order to keep it, otherwise the one that stayed gets it all. The estate is worth a million US dollars, and the two want the house badly. The problem is, they really, really don't get along. Will one of them give up and move out before the year is out.
    [I would like these two to have very dominant personalities--two semes, if you will.]

    My Wonderland: (Taken; will accept one more 1x1)
    They were supposed to be psychedelic 'shrooms. Problem is, they affect him in a rather strange way. He dreams Alice in Wonderland, only he's the main character, Alex. This world is slightly twisted, and the Mad Hatter is, well... Mad. And slightly obsessed with Alex. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are agents for the Queen of Hearts and try to capture Alex, before the prophecy can come true. Alex wakes up and thinks this was all just the mushrooms making his head funny. But when college starts (can be high school), the teacher looks strangely like the Hatter....
    {I would prefer to play the Alex)

    To Be Gay or Not To Be Gay:
    That is the question. Two "straight" men are never left alone by women. Their parents are constantly bugging them to settle down with a nice lady, and they're harassed by women even in the workplace. They start working together (boss x employee fun!) and find out they both have the same problem. There's an easy fix--pretend they're gay, with each other. Simple, right? The problem is, the closer they become as friends, the more each of them wishes it wasn't just an act.
    (Can be switched to high school!)

    Always Pretending:
    He has always pretended to be straight. He wasn't a jock or a nerd or anything particularly important, but he liked life to be simple. It would be far too bothersome to be teased, because it would interfere with his studies. So what is he supposed to do when the most popular guy in school, and also his secret crush, confesses to him in front of the whole school? What are his motives?
    (Would prefer to be the shy guy, but can be either)

    Hate and Love:
    They are partners. At first, they hate each other--can't stand the other. Their coworkers think they are a couple; naturally, two gay men can't argue that much, be around each other constantly, and not be sleeping together. Both of them constantly argue with this image, but then one of them starts agreeing with the rumors. The hate relationship turns into one of their obsession, and the people around the obsessee keep dying.
    (I would like to play the obsessee)

    They are both freshmen in college and are assigned as roommates. Then, they find out they have every single class together... Then, they find out that they are twins. The problem? They've already been sleeping with each other. Will their relationship last, despite that their parents are trying to get back together? Incest is always taboo.

    Animalistic Pleasures:
    He's been a little country vet for years. He's always wanted more out of life, but the option never arose. Finally, he hears from a friend that a big timer businessman in the city wants a live-in vet. It seems bizarre, and insane, but the pay is good and the rent is free. Why not? Only, he didn't expect the arrogant asshole businessman to be the animal he's supposed to take care of....
    (I would prefer to play the vet)

    Teacher x Student:
    Well, I once did something like this, the student's a new kid at the college and he's taken an instant disliking to his English teacher. The teacher gives him numerous detentions, but it doesn't seem to do anything. So the teacher takes on another tactic.

    Harrassment. Touching. Kissing. But nothing further than a few harmless touches and kisses here and there. That is, until the teacher starts to actually develop feelings for him. The student could report him, but he doesn't. He's not going to lose to him. And slowly, the two start falling for each other.

    There's just a few problems, the teacher has a fiance, they're both guys, and he also happens to be the student's father's childhood friend.

    I'd be hoping to be the student, if that's alright. x)

    So! PM me or post here and we can start something up ! :D
  2. I like the " to be gay or not to be gay" one
  3. I tried to PM you but it says you need to clear out your inbox, haha :3

    But okay, thanks for the interest! :D
    Any questions about it?
  4. Nope no questions except for do you want me to make a CS? :)
  5. I'm keen on "Always pretending", I modifies my style according to the player and my length of writing mirrors the player. If you're keen, would you be kind enough to drop me a message please?
  6. I would love to do the one I will love anyone who does this and could it be male and female and could I be the female don't play males?
  7. **I WILL LOVE ANYONE WHO DOES THIS!!** or Animalistic Pleasures is interesting me.