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MXM Modern Horror Fiction , multiple players ok.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wildcats8100, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. I'm very new here but I have been involved in chat based RP for quite some time now. The type of RP that generally gets me is the vampire/werewolf/witch/supernatural modern horror genre. That't not to say a slasher flick inspired SL is out of my realm. I would love my partner to me mature, dom, and willing to possibly guide the story. I unfortunately always run the SL's but seldom get to act in them, so please let me be your player :). I wouldn't mind a little sex/ even some darker things torture/kidnapping, but I would prefer story to smut any day. If it gets too crass, I may not be into it. So fading to black wouldn't be awful. Again I prefer story to graphic x-rated material. The dark and gritty content to drive the horror of a plot forward is one thing , rehashing taboo fantasy's is another.

    A little about my default character for modern horror fiction-

    (( See Profile Pic ))
    Name- Tatum Anica
    Age - 23
    Height- 5'5
    Build- Slim but Athletic.
    Tatum is a good kid ,smart , well balanced, kindhearted, polite. He is a registered nurse. A southerner with obviously native american descent.He is good looking in a slightly feminine way. He is strong and fast to an extent, he has spent a significant portion of his free time taking gymnastics and his body shows the results. That being said he could hold his own in a struggle for long enough to get away but if his escape fails , eventually he will fall to a stronger adversary. I would love a story that allowed him to be a gay hero , or at the very least be one of the last survivors of a supernatural killer.

    If my character, SL possibilities , or just general likes sound good to you, shoot me a message or respond to this post. I'm too new to be picky :) .... I just want to play!
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