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    I have a craving to do a group roleplay that involves incest so I came up with this:

    Four brothers (18 (C1), 22 (C2), 24 (C3), 25 (C4)) have always been closer than your average siblings. It started out when C4 took a liking to C2. At first it was innocent, just a little touching and kissing here and there nothing too extreme. The feelings built and they started sleeping together thinking that they were under everyone's noses. C3 found out and threatened to tell unless he got in on it. Soon the three spent more time in the bedroom with each other than with anyone else. C1 came of age and was quickly dragged into the ring. The brothers decided that when they moved out that they would all move in together living under one roof. This allows them to spend the time with each other that they want. There are no distinct partners up until this point. They just fuck whoever they feel like at the time. However, C2 is developing deeper feeling for C4 and wants to be his one and only. Will his jealousy ruining everything or will they break into couples and continue to live harmoniously?

    Alright so there's the plot. Obviously I'm looking for three other people to play. If I find someone who is really interested and no one else shows interest, I'm willing to alter it a little to fit that. I'm also willing to alter if we all come up with an addition. I don't want to be a dictator here I'm open to suggestions from the players. I do reserve the right to turn people down (though that's unlikely and I'll only do it if you're character is poorly crafted). I will be kind and explain in a nice manner that we will just not be a good fit. The preferences of the characters that I'm not playing are all seke for now, but can be changed when you make your character.

    Characters: C1- 18 years old (seke)
    C2- 22 years old (uke) - taken by me
    C3 - 24 years old (seke)
    C4 - 25 years old (seke)

    I will be posting my character sheet in a reply so it's separated from here. This is the information that I would like.

    Character Sheets:

    Name: First Name Middle Name Winslow
    Age: (18, 24, 25)
    Looks: (either a really good description or a picture. I would prefer a picture anime or rl is fine.)
    Personality: (I expect at least a solid paragraph for this, but you can write more if you want)
    Any suggestions you may have:

    I know it's short, but they all have the same background and I'd like to keep their thoughts about the arrangement a secret from everyone so that it makes it easier to write as well as react in character. Thanks!
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  2. Name: Caden Fischer Winslow

    Age: 22

    Looks: [​IMG]

    Personality: Caden has always been the shiest out of his brothers. Friends have never been something that he's had a multitude of. Really the only people that he's had are his brothers. Maybe that's why he's gotten so attached, but the thought of their relationship falling to bits eats him up inside. Being a leader is not something that he's equipped to do, but there have been times on rare occasions when he steps up to the plate. He has a passion for cooking and spends most of his time in the kitchen. In a way he's sort of the silent leader. While it doesn't seem like he does much to push his brother's to do things, he is always in the background manipulating things. He's very emotional and has been known to throw fits or have randoms crying fits. Usually he can be calmed down quickly except for when he's angry. A short temper is not something that's he's proud of, but he has one. It causes a lot of conflict between himself and his brothers. He does his best to keep it in check and escapes to the kitchen to clear his head if he thinks that he's on the verge of getting angry.
  3. I'm interested in the 18 year old, and possibly a conflict between him and his best friend who happens to be a girl. I like the idea of him being a bit mixed up due to his feelings for his friend of five years, and his new emotions for his brothers. Let me know if this is alright. If not, I'll remove her. And I'm definitely up to building a conflict between the brother's as well.

    Kristopher Symon Winslow (Kris)
    18 years old


    Personality~ Kris is a rather strange recluse who tends to force himself within a crowd, even though he has to drag himself out of the corner first. He wasn’t normally like this. Before his brothers changed his mind-frame about life in general, he used to be a major party boy, down to earth and very comfortable about his body. Now, he’s a little timid until comfortable with his surroundings, but will still carry a consistent caution about the little things. Kris can be rather stubborn, hard-headed and high-strung.

    His parents figured his behavior changes were due to becoming a young adult, or being the baby of the family, which in some ways they would be right. But, that’s just not the entire story. You see, regardless of how much Kris cares about his brothers, he’s very conflicted about his emotions. Within his family life, the love he receives from his brothers seems genuine and fulfilling. But, outside his home he struggles with his friendship with Victorie, his dear friend of five years. She’s been secretly pursuing him all this time, but it’s taken Kris three years to realize it, and one year to actually accept it. But, after graduating high school, their idea to share an apartment while attending college conflicts with his wants to move in with his brothers instead. He fears losing his brothers and the powerful relationship built between them, but he also fears losing his best friend.

    Besides, what is he really suppose to be feeling right now? That alone, the confusion he feels within himself, is what scares him the most.


    Kris is a boxer and wants to take MMA in college, but he's not too sure on that. He loves to swim and is great in soccer. At home, he's the psycho neat freak, a trait he's gained from their mother. He's the one that keeps the house in order, and tries to get his brothers to help with the laundry...but far too often they just dump it all on him every weekend. But still, he can easily talk one of them into helping him out at times. With all that's happening with Victorie's health lately, Kris has been considering leaving the whole boxing world and either stick to being in a college swim team, or leave all sports and just work on his academics. He's not the best in math or anything, but he's a crazy history buff. He wants to get a summer job at the local museum, but that all depends on what he decides to do about his college plans.

    With no one to really talk to about his emotions, Kris has found a solution through addiction. A year ago, he broke his left hand during a high school boxing tournament. He was on various pain medications, but he didn’t use all of them for he has a rather high tolerance for pain. Now, after his hand has healed, he kept the remaining meds for future emergencies.

    Falling into a sort of depression, Kris believed that the only way to avoid it was to force socialization. During one unplanned party at a friend’s house, Kris took a comatose cocktail of various meds and was hooked. Since all he had was his old pain pills, he secretly began to take them to relieve his anxieties and fears. Then soon, he began to sneak some from his brothers and parents. This has caused several problems for him in boxing, as well as struck a sore cord between him, Victorie, and his brothers. Will he tell Victorie what's going on and leave his brothers, or will something force him to toss his friendship with her forever?

    Victorie Melissa Grant
    18 years old


    Tough and rowdy, always with a sharp tongue and a punch that feels like a cement block; Victorie is not your typical Princess. Still, she does have a lightheartedness within her for those who she’s relearned to care for. She’s been a boxer all her life, learning from her father, Cornelius T. Grant, a once Olympic World Heavyweight Gold Medalist; holding three Olympic golds before dying of a brain tumor when she was 12. He’s trained her since she was 7, and after his death she’s taken on the goal to reach the Olympics to reclaim gold for the Grants.

    Unfortunately, after so many light and middleweight bouts in her lifetime, she’s had enough head injuries to cause her minor memory lapses, gradually developing migraines, and seizures. One time, she had a grand maul seizure that threw her into a coma for three months. Her friend, Kris, was by her side pretty much every day until she woke. Of course, this medical situation has forced Victorie to squash her Olympic goals.

    Even though she truly cares for Kris and wishes he would actually express his feelings for her too, there’s times when she feels she’s just not worth his or anyone else’s time. Her attitude and personality flips are somewhat drastic, and at times she grows hostile towards random people. She knows it’s due to her injuries, but in so many ways she’s ignoring the facts. Kris is one of the only people who can get any reasoning in her head and calm her down when she’s on a roll.

    Victorie fears that the reason Kris doesn’t express his feelings is because he doesn’t want to deal with a basket case – she’s damaged goods; what guy wants to deal with a mental spaz all their lives? But, there’s so many times she can look into his eyes and see something bothering him, something unspoken he wishes to tell her but doesn’t know how. Is he trying to tell her just how much he cares for her? She already knows, for he shows her everyday…but, it’s not enough for her to be just friends… Is it really enough for him?
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  4. The conflict sounds interesting. Since I and the other players will be playing the brothers, interaction and conflict with them will be important so just keep that in mind.
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  5. upload_2014-6-25_14-16-19.png Elijah Donovan Winslow ( Eli)
    Age: 24 Years Old
    Personality: Elijah is somewhat of what people may say a wild card. His mood seems to change as quick as it started.
    Eli is always the one cracking jokes to ease the tension or pulling those stunts that ended up with him hearing an ear full from his other siblings. There is times where Eli is reserved but only when he's angry and to keep from lashing out he rather keep to himself. He respects all of his bothers and has different relationships with each of them. He wasn't really keen on having all of them move in together and doesn't particularly see eye to eye with the oldest brother because of it.
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  6. Im Back in, I reread your plot thing XD I was reading it to fast and i was half asleep last night so i misunderstood , Im back in X)
  7. Jareth Fisher Winslow
    age 25
    Personality: Often since he is the eldest he Likes to treat the other with a bit more protection as they require. He also never thinks he is wrong since he is the eldest but , in that matter he is indeed wrong. He is also very open, and Has always allowed his brother to talk to him about anything, even the sex related matter's. He tries to be there for all his brother's as much as he can , but after a while being around them all he Discovers that his connection with them may be more then brotherly love. A very Blunt person as well , in a funny way, if he wants something he will tell you, the same way he told Caden that he wanted to teach him something About sex and kissing, that something grew till it was taught behind Closed doors.
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  8. Alright well that will be everyone. I'll get the thread up once Krona's finishes his profile.
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  9. Okay I edited my Cs
  10. Alright I'll post as soon as I get the thread up.
  11. It has come to my attention that everyone may be a little confused so here's a boiled down version of everything.

    All of the brothers have been messing around with each other for some time now. They all moved in together once Kris was old enough. Each of them have their own room. Caden and Jareth started the whole messing around sleeping with each other thing. Caden wants to be more than just a fuck buddy for Jareth that's what he meant. The only one with the deeper feeling currently is Caden. Everyone else is kind of in it for the thrill. Does that help?
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  12. yeah thanks
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  13. Hope my post was okay. I've marked the day in the morning hour, and had suggested that Caden has been up and made breakfast.

    BTW, Kris is still sitting at the bar in the kitchen, eating breakfast. He hasn't left yet.
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  14. Your post was fine. I would have given a heads up if it didn't work. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. @Yuki40: Not sure if you're catching my postings, but Kris is still in the apartment. He's about to step out of his bedroom after finishing breakfast, and his friend Victorie just rang their doorbell to surprise him with a good luck gift.

    He will be leaving soon though, so you won't have to change anything.
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  16. Uhhh... Yeah you tagged the wrong Yuki. I am not in this Role play?
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  17. Sorry about that.
  18. I don't know if this will work, but since Kris walked out Jareth could think that it was just him and Caden in the house since Kris did walk away. Then that post would work.
  19. True, but he stated that all the brother had left the house, plus there's someone knocking at the door that's not mentioned.

    But, it can still work, being Jareth's assumption of what's going on. That just threw me off slightly and had me thinking he didn't notice my post.

    No biggy, I'll just have Kris interupt by stepping out of his room at a really bad time between Jareth & Caden - that'll be something heated to show Victorie which will make her worry more about Kris. :)