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  1. So I have a few ideas :3

    1. Little beaten puppy

    An inu grows up on the street and does one wrong move and is arrested. The arresting officer however takes a fancy to him and takes him into "custody" he's chained on his basement and after years of abuse is eventually let outside to be chained in the backyard. He has occasional moments of defiance but is mostly compliant. It isn't until a local gang leader goes to the cops house to teach him a lesson about arresting his men that he sees anyone outside the cops corrupted group of friends. Will he save him? Will he leave him? What will happen?

    I want someone who is willing to play the cop and the gang leader :3 I'll also play any other characters that need to be cast- fellow corrupt cops perhaps

    2. Neko in a basket

    Poor Danny has tried his whole life to get someone to like him... Anyone. He's done anything and everything he could think of but once again he finds himself in the auction waiting to find a new master

    I have no preference- I could play the neko or the master whichever is my partners preference

    3. My little snake boy

    Worthless- useless. Salem has heard these words since he was born. He could shift between human and snake but while in snake form he keeps some snake qualities like golden slit eyes and a forked tongue. He's been experimented on and shoved into every type of prison and now the government is done with him. The doctors have been told to et rid of him and so he ends up on the last chance auction.

    If play Salem :)

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  2. I'll do Neko in a basket with you! ^^ I would love to play the neko ^^
  3. Sweet :) do you want to start since you're the one being found?
  4. Pm or thread?
  5. Thread :) I lose pms
  6. I'd love to play the neko in the second idea :)
  7. I'm up for any. I kinda like the inu one
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.