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  1. - Character A is a police officer but is anything but human, he is a werewolf. Just like every wolf out there he craves and needs his mate. But unlike the other's he didn't find his on his eighteenth birthday. Instead he was left searching and still hasn't found the one person that will complete him. What he never expected was to find his mate when called in for duty. Character B is a happy, cheerful nineteen year old boy. Or at least he was before he was brutally beaten and raped. Now he can't stand to be touched, especially by men. The once outgoing young man is now shy and scared of his own shadow. So when he meets the officer in charge of his case he can't help but be terrified and confused as to why he wants this man to hold him and tell him that everything is going to be okay. Character A has no idea how he is going to convince his terrified mate to give him a chance after what has happened to him. He also has no idea how he is going to keep his wolf under control after having been searching for his mate for so long.

    I am looking for someone to be character A for this. It is a rough outline of an idea and could probably use a little tweaking.

    -Character A used to live the life of luxury with rich parents who gave him anything and everything. Yet, even with all the money he can't help but be unhappy. He has been living in the closet for so long he isn't even sure how to find his way out. In hopes of finally being happy he comes out to his parents, telling them that he is gay. Instead of accepting him they kick him out, sending him to live with his grandparents on their ranch. Character B works on Char. A's grandparents ranch. He thinks that A is nothing more than a spoiled little rich kid. Character A on the other hand can't keep his eyes off of B and would do anything to get the man to notice him. Can A get B to notice him or will B push him away and continue to think he is nothing but a rich, spoiled brat?

    I am looking for someone to be character B in this.

    I have been wanting to do these ideas for a while now. If anyone is interested let me know here or send me a PM~
  2. Even though we've got one going already, I'd love to neglect your rich kid's feelings in your second plot. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~​
  3. I'd be interesting in doing the first one with you! c:
  4. Interested about the first one
  5. I'm interested in doing the 2nd plot :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.