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    Character A is in a tight spot when it comes to money so when character B comes to him with an offer he can't say no. The offer is that the two of them make kinky videos and post them on a gay porn website for money. About to be kicked out of his apartment with no where to go Character A reluctantly agrees to making these videos with Character B. But as they start making videos feelings start to arise and the number one rule between them was no feelings just sex. So will these two become something more or are they destined to be fuck buddies forever?
    This role play involves:
    -a bit of BDSM and S/M
    -Toys ;)
    -Dirty Talk/Name calling
    - Sadist/Masochist
    Character A-bottom
    Character B-Top
    I would prefer to be character A

    Character A is about to lose his job and he knows it. With the economy the way it is more people at his work place are getting fired. Character B is his boss and holds the power to if he gets fired or not. Character B had been lusting after character A for quite some time now and sees this as the perfect opportunity to get what he wants. The only question is, is Character A willing to do whatever it takes to keep his job? The answer is yes and that's how he ends up agreeing to practically being Character B's sex slave, in and out of the office. But is there more to this story, could Character B possibly love Character A?
    This role play involves:
    -a bit of S/M and BDSM
    - Play time in an office
    - restraints
    - Dirty talk/Name calling
    - Sadist/Masochist
    I would prefer to be Character A.
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  2. I prefer plot b :3
  3. I like plot 'a' alot b.b
    I would love to do it with you, though I must warn you, I'm a bit rusty on my rping since its been such a long time ^w^
  4. I'll happily play character B as long as i can create the character myself?
  5. Interested in the first scenario if you still happen to be looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.