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  1. I've never done anything like this before, but I want to do a roleplay with two teenage boys. They have been best friends their whole lives, they show each other and it goes from there.

    I don't have a super clear plot in my mind yet, but is anyone interested at all?
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  2. Oh my goodness. I didn't realize and I wouldn't have suggested it if I knew it was against the rules. I just like the idea of them being awkward and inexperienced together. What age were you thinking?
  3. Would them being sixteen years old late bloomers would be okay?
  4. Actually, I think I'm going to skip over this one. I can't remember how to delete a thread (even though I've done it before) so I'm just putting filled request. The mods will come along and throw it in the graveyard eventually. Thanks for warning me about breaking that rule. :)
  5. You're welcome, I just wanted to make sure you didn't grow upset at the lack of interest.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.