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  1. Hello, I'm WesteriaVale. Call me Wes. I have a few ideas I'd like to RP below. :)

    • Necromancer (open)
      A soul stone, created by a warlock, gives an individual an ability to cheat death. It works by trapping the soul on death and when another person picks up the stone, their soul gets replaced with the first soul. After it disgorges the first soul the stone breaks effectively destroying the second spirit. It is incredibly dark magic and was outlawed long ago.

      In the modern world, people don't believe in magic anymore. Picture a world much like ours. There are not any supernatural creatures but there are people who can use magic. One day a lost soul stone is found. A individual picks it up and their soul is taken and replaced with a soul of a dark mage. This was witnessed by Colton who fled. However He wasn't about to give up on their friend who had picked up the stone. He delves into the world of magic and runs into a Necromacer. (You.)
    • Shadow Stealers (open)
      There is a cult that originated back in the ancient world. Today this cult still exists despite the numerous attempts to kill off all the members. Cultists of the Shadow have the ability to steal a person's shadow. If someone loses their shadow, they also lose their soul, for it isn't their body that casts the shadow, but their soul. Once a cultist has a person's shadow they enslave the body and soul to their will.

      *Note- This can be modern or in the past*

      There are three options here:
      We can do cultist x human (this one can either have their shadow taken or not)
      Cultist x Hunter (Again, shadow stolen optional.)
      Human x Hunter

      (If you desire me to play the cultist, I wont play an evil sadist. I don't like it so don't ask. I also wont ask this in return. I'm not looking for a master x slave type story. I don't like them, so be forewarned. So if the human does have their shadow taken they will NOT fall in love with their enslaver. Another cultist would be fine.)
    • Partners (open)
      Putting this one back because my partner bailed. No pun intended D:

      One day you wake up in a strange hotel room with some other guy. You have no idea how you got there or anything else. Around your wrist is a tattoo, (it's hard to look at because it keeps wiggling on your skin and staring at it too long makes you ill). What happened last night? You can't really remember. It's a a blur.

      Plot idea: So the two characters wake up in a motel on the same bed. Each one has no idea what happened or how they got there. All they know is they now have matching tattoo around their left and right wrist respectively. They decide to part, but find that it gets hard to breath and focus when they separate, so they're forced to remain together. Soon they find out that they can work magic together and that they're wanted by the supernatural community for a crime they didn't commit.

      Setting: Modern era. Magic is around and so are supernatural creatures but they aren't known to the general "human" population. They live in the shadows. Most of the time quite literally. There's the world that people see and the world they don't. Magic folds the edges of reality and there are entire areas that are just populated by supernatural creatures.
    • Steampunk twisted (open)
      So I want to do a story with steampunk and I came up with this idea:

      YC is older (thirties or fourties) and one day they get into an accident, a serious accident and are badly injured. YC passes out as he's rushed to the hospital and awakes in a strange new place full of flying ships and steampunk stuff, where he is also a younger version of himself. They run into MC, a pirate captain, who gang presses YC into service on his ship.
    • Sci-fi (open)
      Space is inhabited many years in the future not only by humans but by other creatures from across the stars.

      Scenario A: Each character is on the opposite side of a war. One day one of them gets captured and the other side helps them escape. The rescuer takes the other back to their people and has to rely on their good will in order to remain since they're now a traitor.

      Scenario B: MC/YC is a jailer in a high security space prison. MC/YC is a prisoner (for whatever reasons) and one day they escape. In their escape they take the jailer hostage and they don't let him go even after they escape. *I do have a more specific storyline for this one*

      Scenario C: Hundreds of years in the future man has expanded across galaxys. They have worked around the problem of distance and the limits of the speed of light. (This of gateways like in Stargate. *my geek is showing*) On the fringes of a distant galaxy there is a large planet the United Star Systems use as their prison. This is a planet only used for the worst offenders and for most it's a death sentence. For there is no technology there, only what you can use from the land. Since most cannot live without technology they perish quickly. Those who survive have grouped together in a small community that watches each other closely. For they have all committed terrible deeds. And then there is the rumor of what happens when you leave the community. Whispers of creatures that live on the planet...

      Scenario D: Anything with Space. Maybe something Firefly-esk? Or even Star Wars or Star Trek?
    • Haunted House (open)
      Option A: One of the characters is a magic user. He got/ found out/whatever that a particular house was extremely haunted and that if people went into it, they'd die. He was to put an end to the house. However when he got there it was quickly discovered that people were already inside. You can play the magic user, someone who's trapped in the house, and/or a ghost or the magic user's assistant.

      Option B: It's Friday the 13th and you and your friends dared each other to enter a haunted house for kicks and giggles. However it quickly became apparent that the house really was haunted and it was out to get you. You can either play on of the friends and/or a ghost.

      Option C: A group of five people are ghost hunters. They go into a haunted house, as per the others, tries to kill them. You can either play one of the ghost hunters, a ghost, and/or someone who snuck in.
    • Time Travel (open)
      The setting for this would be Rome in it's heyday. I'm not going to follow the history of it. We can make up our own emperor and whatnot. The general plot is that character A is a time traveler and A gets stuck in the past from a malfunction in his time machine. He's stuck in Rome until he can fix it. However character B has taken an interest in A. Soon A learns that it's not really the past at all, but an alternate dimension and the Gods are very much real and B is a Demi-god.
    • Forbidden Romance (open)
      The city of Lux is divided by class. Those of the wealthy upper class and those who were not. Dividing the two was a wall, it wasn't intangible, it was a real wall made to divide the city physically.

      Those of the Upper class had everything they needed and were served on by those lower then them. The servants were unfortunate souls who had fair looks and an ability to survive having their brains messed with to turn them into obedient puppets. The Upper Class took their servants as their due and most were mistreated. Especially those in the houses of the Council Members.

      The Council ruled the city of Lux with an iron fist. Three men and three women worked together to keep the Upper Class in luxury and the lower class oppressed. They viewed themselves as Gods. However the Lower class didn't enjoy their lot in life and rebellion brewed. Dissension seeped into the souls of the people there and no matter how much the police enforced the rule of their "betters" the dissension grew. Of course not all of it was just from the lower class. The son of Councilwoman Venyette saw the city and was disillusioned with it.

      So, the story would be about the leader of the rebellion and the councilwoman's son and their romance. I would like to play the son, but I could take the leader if needs be.
      *I was thinking the specific genre could be cyberpunk*
    • Fandoms (open)
      All Fandoms are either Canon x Canon or OC x OC
      Dresdenverse - Jim Butcher
      Mercyverse - Patricia Briggs
      Black Jewel Universe - Anne Bishop
      Wheel of Time - Robert Jordon
      DC Comics- Mainly Batfamily
      Marvel Comics- Can be comics or Movie verse.
      Tomb Raider or Tomb Raider-esk
      The Mummy
      Chronicles of Narnia
      TV SHOWS:
      Person of Interest
      The Musketeers
    Reaper x Reaper
    Reaper x Death
    Human x Death

    Magic user x Human
    Magic User x Magic User
    Were(anything) x human
    Were x Magic User
    Were x Were
    Ghost x Human
    Demon x Human/Magic User
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Angel

    Bodyguard x Protected
    Knight x Magic User
    Mercenary (or Hitman) x College Student
    Assassin x Target

    Soldier x Soldier
    Superhero x Superhero
    Superhero x Super villain
    ??? x ???
    Storm Chasers
    Wild West
    Ancient Rome
    Time Travel (Man of Science x "Primitive")
    Don't see anything that you like?
    But still want to RP with me?
    Go ahead and let me know what you want. :D
    I don't bite. I promise.

    On average I write anywhere from 3 paragraphs to seven. However if I'm really into something, I can go on for a while. Most of the time however it's about 5.

    Honestly? You can't hold my attention with 3 sentences, on average (or one paragraph). You might be able to hold it with two paragraphs, on average, but they better be really, really good. I understand that every now and then short posts have to happen. I get that. But if they're short all the time, I get bored and lose interest. To be safe, lets say 3 paragraphs minimum (or the equivalent). I'll hold you to my standard.

    Not everyday. I'm now working full time, nine hours a day + commute time. I work 5 days a week and only have weekends off. I anticipate getting very. very busy at my job. Which might mean late nights and overtime. That being said. I love writing and I'm always thinking about replies. I reasonably expect to get out 3 replies a week and more on the weekends. However if I get really, really busy it might go down to weekends only. Don't be discouraged. I'm not a quitter. If I start something with you I will always reply, even if it takes me a while.

    In my stories I like certain elements which I will list
    • Horror
    • Mystery
    • Suspense
    • Action
    • Character Building
    • Description
    • Balance to the dark with light fluff and humor. (I don't want this to be all dark and broody)
    • Sex over plot. I want waaaaay more plot than sex. I also don't want insta love or immediate sex. Seriously.
    • I'm not particularly fond of swearing or overly graphic details in sex and gore.
    • I also don't want a submissive personality to play against. I cringe whenever I see Dom x sub or Seme x Uke. This is because my characters fall into neither categories. They are both weak and strong and I don't want to carry the entire thing myself because you want to be a "uke" or "sub" all the time. If that's your thing, this isn't the place to be.
    • Unimaginative people. This is a two person venture. Talk to me. Be involved, add to the story.
    That all being said, if you still want to write with me, awesome!
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  2. I'm rather interested in several of your general pairings but I'm not sure if you had any plot idea on them at all. If you do I'd totally be up for listening to them.
  3. Which pairings were you thinking of?
  4. Let's see. I liked a lot of the human pairs...

    Death x Human
    Were x Human
    Demon x Human
    Magic User x Human
    Wyvern x Human

    All of those really are interesting to me especially for the complicated possibilities. 8D
  5. Death x Human
    Death is obviously death. He's kind of like Hades, but he doesn't have to stay in the realm of the dead. One day he leaves on a small vacation and meets an interesting human. :)

    Were x Human
    This can be any way of course but I kind of see it going down like this:
    Weres have evolved next to humanity. They didn't hide away and remained prominent in society. Most humans hate weres because they are afraid of them. There is a vast society that opposes weres and wants to banish them from human lands. Perhaps to add in drama the human could belong to the society, or at least the family of the human.

    Demon x Human
    a) The human summons a demon and shinanagins ensue

    b) The human goes to a halloween party and ends up in the middle of a summoning. It goes wrong and the demon is attached to him and they have to find out how to undo it.

    Magic User x Human
    a) The human's a pirate captain and the magic user is a wind mage
    b) Fantasy setting
    c) modern or witch hunt era

    Wyvern x Human
    Modern: The wyvern is a archaeologist and writes history books. He hires a house caretaker and someone to keep things organized.
    Fantasy: In order to appease the dragon they give up the human to it.

    All are kind of vague. and not set in stone
  6. I'm feeling the first one in the demon x human pairing and The modern one for the Wyvern x Human one. Those sound the most fun and interesting to me at the moment, like they have so much potential for their basic idea.
  7. I would be interested in Cop x Criminal if you'll have me~
  8. I'm Open to the demon x human demon x angel and assassin x target if your still looking c:
  9. Sure. I'm still open. :)
  10. Im interested in a couple of your general pairings but wasnt sure what one is like, like Reaper x Reaper, what would be considered a Reaper?
  11. A reaper is a Soul Reaper or Grim Reaper or whatever you'd like to call it. They collect souls and pass them into the after life.
  12. HI HI! :D
    Got anymore room for meeeee? X3
  13. I figured thats what you meant, just making sure hehe. Hmmm Death x Reaper or Death x Human sound most fun to me if you wanna do one of those =)
  14. i'm curious what idea did you have for How To Train Your Dragon? because that is one of my favorite movies
  15. @Aimi I don't like turning down people. Sorry, but I'm looking for someone who writes a lot.
    I wouldn't mind doing either of those ones. Drop me a PM and we can get started world building.

    @Wolf-Anima55 I have a group RP current starting up for that one so I probably wont also take it as a 1x1. Feel free to take a gander at it though, it's in the Fandom section.
  16. I'd love to be able to do the Necromancer plot with you if you'd allow me? :D
  17. Yess. I would very much like that.
  18. Added two new plots I'd really really like to do. :D

    They are in the different colors to accent them.
  19. I love Partners, Steampunk Twisted, and Forbidden Romance ^^ I'd be overjoyed to do any of those :)
  20. Three of the very best. :) I'll send you a PM
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