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  1. Hello! I have an idea that I think is pretty cool, but first I would like to tell you guys that I would like someone who replies with a few paragraphs, and detailed alright? (∩_∩) Now onto the plot!

    Muse A is a normal guy in high school. He's not super popular, but he's not a total loser. He goes through high school with his friends and what not. Everyone knows he's gay, since he came out a while ago, but he doesn't really get teased for it. His parents are fine with it, and so are his friends. He's had a few boyfriends, but the one guy he can't seem to get over is Muse B.

    Muse B is basically untouchable. Everyone in the school admires him, yet no one has the guts to talk to him. He's flawless, and when he walks through the halls everyone gets out of his way. When people try to talk to him, it seems like no one can hold his attention long enough. Hell there's secret fan club a for Muse B. Muse B doesn't even have friends at the school, which makes him super mysterious. So its common to have a crush on him, I mean, he's perfect.

    Muse A knows its silly to be so into a guy he barely knows, or anyone knows. But he can't help himself! Though one day in class, it was Muse's A best friend birthday, so he brought cookies to class, a class he and Muse B shared. When he was handing them to her,he felt a slight tap on his shoulder. Turning around he nearly got a heart attack, it was Muse B?! Actually touching him?! And asking him for a cookie?! He never speaks to anyone!!! And from that day forth Muse A starts bringing Muse B cookies, thus starting a unique friendship, or more?

    I would like to play Muse B, Pm if interested!
  2. Hmm, I might just be interested!

    Do you have a preference for whom is the submissive/bottom and who is the dominant/top?
  3. Ugh I'm so so sorry but this is filled! I meant to put it down
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.