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  1. What I Expect
    Hi there! I dont expect much from my partner. All I ask is for you to respond/post at least once every 3 days, if you cant I would appreciate it if you could let me know and I'll give you the same courtesy. Be literate, I understand there can be some typos I do it too but I need to be able to understand your writing. And please contribute to the plot/story, I dont mind leading the rp but I dont like having to do it the whole time.

    What to Expect
    I am usually on every day if not multiple times a day so I respond frequently, if I cant I will let you know. I have a very big imagination so I tend to put twists and turns into my rps so they dont get repetative or boring over time. I usually play submissive or switch but I can play dominant depending on the character. If its a MxF I would play the female. I am very open minded so if you have any ideas or would like to add/change anything to mind dont be afraid to ask =)

    My No Goes
    S&M (sadist/masochist)
    Slave (to a point)
    Multiple Partners

    Fandom (These would all be OcxOc)
    Avatar The Last Airbender
    Uta no prince sama
    Fairy Tail
    Kuroko no Basuke
    Hunter x Hunter


    All pairings/fandom can be MxM, FxF, or MxF

    (Will add more later on)​
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  2. Bump. Added more
  3. I'm interested in your Avatar the Last Airbender idea, and would love to discuss ideas with you!
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  4. I wouldn't mind something FxF, I'm just unsure as to what. :P
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  5. I'm really interested in the Vampire Knight idea!
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  6. Yay! I'll send ya a PM =D
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  7. I might be interested in your Vampire x Human or Shifter x Human pairings. :3 If you still have room for RPs, perhaps pm me with what sort of plot direction ideas you might have?
  8. Bump, added more and edited a few things.
  9. Do you have a specific character or idea regarding X-Men?
  10. It would be OC characters I dont like doing canons. As for idea yes I have one but its not solid, ya interested Warr?
  11. Gorramn right, I'm interested! I already have a mutant if need be.
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  12. I'd be very interested in a Fairy Tail or Kuroko no basuke!
  13. Kuroko no basuke sounds good to me =D wanna send me a PM and we can hash out the details?
  14. I'd be interested in just about any so if you have one your wanting to do most let me know. :)
  15. Thats awesome! Hmmm....I'm really into Hunter x Hunter right now, wanna do a MxM with that? =)
  16. Sounds good. What kind of hunters? And mxm is good. Though I should warn you I'm not all that good at playing dominant males.
  17. What about the thief/prince MxM?
  18. Sure =) did you have any plots/ideas in mind? Send me a PM and we can hash it out