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  1. About me (open)
    My name is Phoenix and I'm an art major ready to take off in the world of storytelling. I've been roleplaying for seven years. I'm often busy with work and can't get to the computer. However, I try real hard to keep up.

    What I want from YOU (open)
    Honestly, I just want patience. I'm not a great writer and I'm very slow sometimes, but I wanna try real hard to keep a real fun roleplay.

    Conditions (open)
    These are pretty straightforward:
    1. All pairings are MxM. No exceptions. I'm really uncomfortable with girls and so this is non-negotiable.
    2. Plot over anything else. I love romance, fluff, and the occasional smut, but plot is best!
    3. I love dark themes and I tend to have a colorful vocabulary/dark humor so if I do or say anything that makes you uncomfortable, just say and I can change my ways!
    4. I will roleplay with anyone over fifteen, but sexual situations can only be with 18+.
    5. I'm friendly. I want to become your friend and get to know people. We can keep this strictly professional, but if you want, I'm more than happy to talk with you no matter what the subject. I love puns and jokes, and will hear you out if you're not feeling well.

    What I want to roleplay (open)

    (Yellow=Need, Red=Desperate Need, Green=NEED RIGHT NOW)

    Naruto - Deidara/Hidan, Deidara/Sasori
    One Piece - Zoro/Luffy, Zoro/Sanji, Shanks/Buggy
    One Punch Man - Saitama/Genos, Saitama/Sonic, Saitama/King
    Pokemon - Wally/Breandan, Lysandre/Sycamore, Wallace/Steven, Nobunaga/Mitsuhide, Motochika/Motonari, Nobunaga/Hero
    Attack On Titan - Eren/Levi, Erwin/Levi, Jean/Marco, Jean/Armin
    Thomas Was Alone - John/Chris, Thomas/Chris
    Welcome to Nightvale - Carlos/Cecil
    Hamtaro - Dexter/Howdy
    Mystery Skulls Animated - Lewis/Arthur
    Homestuck - John/Dave, Dave/Dirk, Dave/Bro, Dave/Karkat, Dave/Sollux, Dave/Eridan, Karkat/Sollux, Karkat/Equius, Karkat/Gamzee, Karkat/Eridan, Tavros/Gamzee, Tavros/Eridan, Sollux/Gamzee, Eridan/Cronus, Eridan/Dualscar, Kankri/Rufioh, Kankri/Cronus, Rufioh/Horuss, Rufioh/Cronus, Kurloz/Cronus, Cronus/Dualscar, Dualscar/Signless, Dirk/Jake, Dirk/Alpha Bro, Dirk/Caliborn, Troll OC/Human OC, Troll OC/Troll OC
    DRAMAtical Murder - Aoba/Mink, Aoba/Noiz, Noiz/Koujaku
    Legend of Zelda - Ghirahim/Link
    Phoenix Wright - Phoenix/Miles, Phoenix/Godot
    Tiger and Bunny - Barnaby/Kotetsu, Origami/Sky High, Fire Emblem/Rock Bison
    Undertale - Mettaton/Anyone, Mettaton/Papyrus, Sans/Grillby, Nice Cream Guy/Burgerpants, 01/02, Human OC/Monster OC, (Genderbent) Alphys/Undyne
    Blue Exorcist - Rin/Suguru
    Steven's Universe - (Male identifying/Genderbent gems only) Pearl/Amythest, Ruby/Sapphire, Gem OC/Gem OC, Gem OC/Human OC
    Regular Show - Mordecai/Rigby
    Hustle Cat - (Male Avery only) Avery/Graves, Avery/Reese, Avery/Landry, Avery/Hayes, Reese/Graves
    Hamilton - Alexander/Laurens, Alexander/Lafayette, Alexander/Burr
    Don't Starve - Wilson/Maxwell
    Wolf Among Us - Bigby/Grendel, Bigby/Anyone
    In The Flesh - Kieren/Simon
    Ouran High School Host Club - Hikaru/Kaoru, Tamaki/Kyoya
    Star Trek- Kirk/Spock
    Parallax - Lomax/Mr. Rogers
    SGT Frog - Keroro/Giroro, Keroro/Tamama
    Marvel - Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, Tony/Loki, Peter/Wade, Vision/anyone
    Osomatsu-san - Kara/Todo, Kara/Ichi, Kara/Chibita, Todo/Ichi, Jyushi/Ichi
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Jotaro/Kakyoin, Jotaro/Star Platinum, Speedwagon/Jonathan

    (constantly updating)
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  2. Still searching!

    And make sure to check back in sometimes, I may have changed my requests or added some!
  3. Still searching!
  4. Still-a-searchin'
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  5. I can rp any of the One Piece couples, the Wally/Breandan couple, Blue Exorcist, and Regular Show! (Though I haven't watched it in forever) Send me a message and we can figure something out if you would like!!
  6. Still looking!
  7. HI!!! I would like to do a hikaru x kaoru rp!!! me being Kaoru if that's ok!!
  8. Hello there, I'd be up for both Saitama/Genos and Pheonix/miles! Whichever you'd prefer!
  9. Just updated my searches!
  10. Game for the Ouran pairings and the WTNV
  11. Still searching!
  12. id love to roleplay Hikaru/Kaoru from ouran! {kinda the only fandom i knew from that list oops!}
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