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MxM Fandom Ideas

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by EquinoxSol, May 9, 2015.

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  1. So I'm looking for some more partners :D I have a bunch of fandoms that I like to rp, and I hope that you'll find something you like.

    I can play top or bottom, but I prefer to switch. I am also open to most kinks, so don't be afraid to ask if I'm okay with something.

    The character I have listed first is the one I want to play. Here are my pairings:

    Dragon Age (open)

    Dragon Age Origins--
    1. Alistair x Warden (or vice versa)
    2. Warden x Zevran
    3. OC x OC, Warden x OC (I'd really love doing something about the warden meeting someone from their origin they knew before the blight)
    4. Anything to do with the Circle of Magi and Templars. *****
    Dragon Age II--
    1. Hawke x Anders ****
    2. Anders x Hawke ****
    3. Hawke x Fenris ****
    4. Fenris x Hawke ***
    5. Fenris x Anders (or vice versa) ***
    6. I might do a Fenris x Danarius rp, but it wouldn't be for the light of heart, and would be really dubcon...
    7. I might also be convinced to do a Carver x Anders/Anders x Carver rp, but I'm not sure of my skills at playing either of them.
    8. Hawke x OC (basically OC x OC but whatevs)
    9. Fenris x Hawke x Anders (I'm fine playing any of these characters) *****
    10. OC x OC
    Dragon Age Inquisition--
    1. Inquisitor x Dorian
    2. Dorian x Inquisitor
    3. Dorian x Iron Bull
    4. I might be able to be convinced to play Iron Bull x Dorian, but I've never rp'd him before, so it'll probably be hilarious.
    5. I really want to do something with Krem *****
    6. Dorian x OC (before he joined the Inquisition)
    7. Inquisitor x OC
    8. Dorian x Inquisitor x Iron Bull (Again, I'm fine playing any of these characters) *****
    9. Iron Bull x Inquisitor
    10. Inquisitor x Iron Bull (I really, reallywant to rp this) *****
    11. OC x OC
    12. Inquisitor x Cullen ***
    13. Inquisitor x Solas (or vice versa, maybe) *****
    1. I'd love to do something in Tevinter
    2. I might like to play a Qunari Saarebas, but it depends

    Saga (open)

    Literally anything. I have a Landfallian OC, but I'd be fine making a character from Wreath/some other planet. Seriously, hit me up if you wanna rp something in Saga.

    Assassin's Creed (open)

    Assassin's Creed II
    1. Leonardo x Ezio (or vice versa)
    Assassin's Creed Rogue/Assassin's Creed III
    1. I might be able to do a Shay x Connor rp, maybe

    Game of Thrones/ASOIF (open)

    1. OC x OC
    2. Renly x Loras (or vice versa)

    Sherlock BBC (open)

    1. John Watson x Sherlock Holmes (or vice versa, maybe)

    The Powder Mage Trilogy (open)

    1. OC x OC
    2. Literally anything, I love these books and I really wanna rp something from them.

    Guild Wars 1 or 2 (open)

    1. OC x OC
  2. I'm still looking ^-^
  3. I'm still looking for partners :) I've gotten no replies yet, so I'm completely open ^-^
  4. I could do a Sherlock roleplay. I'd have to rewatch some of the episodes tho xD. It's been a while since I've watched the show. I'll pm you.
  5. I could do assassins creed or game of thrones with you ^^
  6. Ok, great :) PM me?
  7. I'm still looking!
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